Meet Our Mentors:


Chris Cooper

Two-Brain Founder and gym owner

If Chris has a superpower, it’s the ability to make mistakes faster than anyone else. Fortunately, none have been fatal, and they can help OTHER gym owners build happier lives.


Danielle Brown

Owner of CrossFit 781

Dani truly believes that there are only boundaries where one places them on themselves; that with education comes confidence, and with confidence comes belief in oneself.

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Jason Williams

Owner of CrossFit Hale and CrossFit Thames

My goal is to help you live a better life by getting you results, helping you learn from my mistakes, and giving you the support you need to follow through on your commitments.


Brian Alexander

Owner of CrossFit Illumine

Brian is always swimming against the current, innovating, taking calculated risks and making every effort to continue to be a game changer within the industry. He’ll take you to the next level.


Jeff Burlingame

Owner of Friction CrossFit

After seeking mentorship and joining Two Brain Business, Jeff dropped discounts, raised rates, hired coaches and added multiple revenue streams. As a mentor, he is excited to help you succeed!


Tate Stewart

Owner of CrossFit 1420

I want to help gym owners grow personally and watch the changes overflow into their families and businesses. The Two Brain systems and methods are not limited in scope to gym growth, they will develop character and leadership in any individual willing to learn.


Anastasia Bennett

Owner of WOF CrossFit

I have made so many mistakes over 4.5 years running an affiliate and still learning. You name it, I have been there… Learn from my mistakes. I must admit I live my perfect day now and I would love to help you to get there as well!


Josh Martin

Owner of CrossFit for Glory

Mentoring is about one thing: believing in others dreams for themselves and helping them create a path towards achieving them. All that other stuff is simply the means to the end – your perfect day.”


Jeff Smith

Owner of Cannon CrossFit

Running a business is not for the faint of heart and something I learned long ago is to always have mentors in anything you do. Look for the people that have done what you are trying to do, ask questions, and seek guidance.


Josh Price

Owner of Loco CrossFit

I want to serve, I want to come alongside all of these owners to push them forward in training, in strategy, in tactics, to make them reach places they never knew they could, to teach them to know themselves. And when we have accomplished those goals to teach them to pass on all they have learned to the next group.


Greg Strauch

Owner of CrossFit Unknown Element

Currently, 10 programs including his personal favorite, CFUE Nutrition, are going strong helping show the community options for living a healthier lifestyle through the CrossFit community. Greg continues to develop his passion for helping others. Being part of the Two Brain Mentor team, he focuses on helping local and global business owners get to their “perfect day.”

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