Image of Chris Cooper.

Chris Cooper

Two-Brain Founder and Gym Owner

Chris Cooper believes hard-working business owners are the heart and soul of the economy, and he's dedicated his life to supporting them through mentorship. His goal: help 1 million entrepreneurs find success.

Jeff Smith

Owner, Cannon Fitness and Performance

Running a business is not for the faint of heart and something I learned long ago is to always have mentors in anything you do. Look for the people that have done what you are trying to do, ask questions, and seek guidance.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain mentor Anastasia Bennett.

Anastasia Bennett

Owner, Lifehack Coaching - Former Owner, WOF CrossFit
As a former gym owner who started a new online coaching business for weight loss and mindset, I live my perfect day now. I would love to help you to get there as well!

Greg Strauch

Owner, CrossFit Unknown Element

Greg continues to develop his passion for helping others. Being part of the Two-Brain Mentor team, he focuses on helping local and global business owners get to their “perfect day.”

Shannon Brasovan

Founder of Be Sow Grow

Shannon is an E-RYT 500 level teacher with Yoga Alliance and a Level 2 CrossFit Coach. After 10 years of successful CrossFit and yoga studio ownership, Shannon is excited to bridge her worlds and help other yoga studios excel.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain mentor Cynthia Fotti.

Cynthia Fotti

Owner, CrossFit Rush
Through mentorship, Cynthia has tripled sales and held her average revenue per member over $250 for 12 months straight. She’s Two-Brain’s nutrition-coaching expert and wants to help other gym owners set up profitable nutrition programs.

Josh Martin

Owner, CrossFit For Glory

Mentoring is about one thing: believing in others dreams for themselves and helping them create a path towards achieving them. All that other stuff is simply the means to the end – your perfect day.”
A portrait head shot of Two-Brain Business mentor Joleen Bingham.

Joleen Bingham

CEO, 13 Stripes Fitness

After taking over a gym in 2016, Joleen quadrupled revenue and built a very successful PT program, then opened a second location that reached profitability in three months. She’s a direct motivator whose specialties include running multiple locations and working with a spouse or partner.

Brian Strump

Owner, Live Active Charlotte

“The best way for me to thank those that helped me in the past would be to do my best to help others create the lives they want for themselves and others."

Oskar Johed

Owner, CrossFit Medis

Oskar has an uncanny ability to find “the lead domino”, the next action that will make the biggest change. He is eager to help gym owners identify their lead domino on their way to a happier, more prosperous life.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Lauren Black.

Lauren Black

CEO, Rocktown CrossFit
Lauren started working with Two-Brain in 2019. Since then, the gym’s average revenue per member per month has doubled, revenue has increased by 30 percent each year and personal training revenue has tripled.

Jay Rhodes

Owner, CrossFit Outlaw North
  Jay has been described as leading by example and setting the bar high his entire life. His areas of specialty include working alongside a spouse, maximizing revenue and profit in a small space, and much more.

Kaleda Connell

Former Owner, Degree CrossFit Seaforth

Though freedom of time and money can seem like an unattainable goal to many entrepreneurs, Kaleda’s mission is to teach them how to achieve it—and at lightning speed.

Karl Solberg

Owner, CrossFit Medis

Owning and operating a personal training company, a corporate wellness company and CrossFit Medis has provided plenty of obstacles and beautiful constraints. Every mistake and every victory provides opportunity for growth and improvement. Karl is eager to share whatever he can to help you getting closer to your perfect day.

Laurie Drummond

CEO of Ultra CrossFit

The CEO of her gym, Laurie is a military veteran and former advisor to the Australian Ambassador in the Middle East. She’s also a mentor team lead who excels at communication and building relationships.

Colm O’Reilly

Owner, CrossFit Ireland

Owner of one of the longest standing affiliates in Ireland, Colm achieved a revenue increase of more than €11,000 in January 2019 compared to January 2018. By January 2020, he had more than doubled revenue.

Per Mattsson

Owner, CrossFit Norrtälje, CrossFit 162 West & Physio Center
“I want my mentees to live happy lives and feel the joy and excitement of being an entrepreneur,” he said.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Ashley Haun.

Ashley Haun

Owner, CrossFit Nika

As a Two-Brain mentor, Ashley teaches gym owners how to solve the same problems she’s faced. Her mission is to build others up, and she specializes in motivational interviewing to help her mentees find their unique leadership styles.

Jeff Jucha

Owner,West Little Rock CrossFit & Cabot CrossFit

“I want you to build a business that you won’t want a vacation from, but a business that will ​still thrive when you take one anyway.”

Andrea Savard

CEO, Reebok CrossFit FirePower

Andrea has been running a gym since 2005, and what was once her hobby is now a thriving business with a length of engagement of seven years. She holds a degree in commerce, and her mentoring specialties are retention, community building, leadership training, and staff development and team building.

Ashley Mak

CEO, Hudson River Fitness and Dragon Physical Therapy
Since opening his gym, Ashley has gone from managing all the day-to-day operations of Hudson River Fitness to serving as remote CEO. Now living in Tiburon, California, he’s able to invest his time into a new business: Dragon Physical Therapy.

Russell Francis

Owner, CrossFit Jersey City

In 2016, Russell left a 29-year banking career to purchase a gym. He knows what it’s like to switch careers and jump into ownership, and he’s now an expert at brand expansion, running multiple locations, and turning a hobby into a business.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain mentor Kenny Markwardt.

Kenny Markwardt

CEO, CrossFit Sandpoint

After Kenny worked with Two-Brain Business for two years, CrossFit Sandpoint more than doubled its revenue. It now boasts a full team of coaches and thrives in Sandpoint, Idaho—a town of just 7,000 people. As a Two-Brain mentor, Kenny’s passion is helping other gym owners become successful.

Brooks DiFiore

CEO, Arsenal Strength

Brooks started his business with a few people in his parents’ garage. Today, Arsenal Strength is a sustainable and profitable business that provides security for his family and allows Brooks to live his Perfect Day and provide career opportunities for others.
A portrait head of Two-Brain Business mentor Karen Hazelton.

Karen Hazelton

CEO, Telos Strength and Conditioning

Karen turned around a struggling gym that now has a 27 percent profit margin and an average revenue per member of $300. With a strong, stable business, she’s dedicated to helping other gym owners find the same or greater success.

Rickard Björnekärr

CEO, Escapist CrossFit  After starting with Two-Brain in 2018, Rickard placed his business among the top German gyms in revenue per square foot. He’s worked as a sales consultant for 15 years and speaks six languages.

Peter Brasovan

Former CFO/Integrator, Myriad Health + Fitness
After starting small, Peter has grossed $1 million for three years running at his gym, with a profit margin of 18 percent after owners’ pay. He has a degree in marketing and specializes in staffing, motivation and real estate.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain mentor James Mawson.

James Mawson

CEO, Tribe MVMNT  In just a year of mentorship, James tripled his monthly revenue. Now he’s using his skills, experience and expertise to help other owners succeed.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Shawn Rider.

Shawn Rider

CEO, Shenandoah.Fit

After dissolving the gym he owned with a former business partner, Shawn built a new business and turned nine clients into 175—all while working full time as a high-school finance and economics teacher.

Chris Plentus

Owner, Kanna Fitness
Chris added $100,000 in revenue to his gym in just one year and has since moved to a larger space, hired full-time staff and added 60 members in only three months.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Gary Walsh.

Gary Walsh

Owner, Waterford Warriors, Studio One
Gary took a bootstrapped business from a small storeroom to a 10,000-square-foot facility, and Waterford Warriors has now been recognized as the city’s best gym multiple times.
Taryn Dubreuil

Taryn Dubreuil

Owner/CEO, CrossFit Function  Taryn transformed her business in less than 24 months. The business is now debt-free and profitable, with two full-time employees and an ARM of $300-$400.

Lisa Palmer

Owner/CEO, Gas Station Fitness and Nutrition  Lisa’s business revenue has tripled as a result of simple, actionable steps. She specializes in working with start-ups, more established businesses and ownership teams.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Storm Strout.

Storm Strout

Co-Owner/CEO, CrossFit Veneration
Storm once lived in his gym but is now owner of his building. With a staff of seven, he has a profit margin above 35 percent and is building his dream home for his family.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Nick Habich.

Nick Habich

Owner and CEO, Shark Bite Fitness and Nutrition
Nick has run up to three locations and now operates two. Along the way, he went from not paying himself to achieving over $100,000 in net owner benefit and being asked to join Two-Brain's Tinker program.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Tommy Alfinito.

Tommy Alfinito

Owner, Hygge Fitness/Alfinito Holding/Wildfether Distillery  Tommy is a gym owner who’s significantly expanded his entrepreneurial interests to include real estate and a distillery. Now, he wants to help clients achieve freedom of time by creating businesses that will flourish without constant oversight.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Ryan McFadyen.

Ryan McFadyen

Owner, Ohio Strength—Home of CrossFit Italian Village
Gym owner, MBA holder, real-estate agent, yoga instructor, massage therapist, property investor—Ryan is using his incredible skill set to help others find success.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Tim Caputo.

Tim Caputo

Owner, One Life Fitness & Nutrition
After taking sole ownership of the gym, Tim doubled its gross revenue. He also improved his personal training revenue by almost 1,200 percent—that revenue stream alone averages $25,000 a month now.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Kourtney Brownlow.

Kourtney Brownlow

Owner, Franklin Strength and Wellness
Kourtney bought a gym with an average revenue per member of $75 and drove that number up to $350.
A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor David Allen.

David Allen

CEO, NBS Fitness and The Ninja Gym
After 11 years in business, David owns two gyms that serve 500-plus members and generate more than $1 million in revenue.