Meet Our Mentors:


Chris Cooper

Two-Brain Founder and gym owner

If Chris has a superpower, it’s the ability to make mistakes faster than anyone else. Fortunately, none have been fatal, and they can help OTHER gym owners build happier lives.


Danielle Brown

Owner of CrossFit 781

Dani truly believes that there are only boundaries where one places them on themselves; that with education comes confidence, and with confidence comes belief in oneself.

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Jason Williams

Owner of CrossFit Hale and CrossFit Thames

My goal is to help you live a better life by getting you results, helping you learn from my mistakes, and giving you the support you need to follow through on your commitments.


Brian Alexander

Owner of CrossFit Illumine and CrossFit Illumine North

Brian jokes that he graduated with an MBA from the School of Hard Knocks.  Having opened many businesses in his lifetime he has learned a great deal with some failing, one nearly breaking him, and others with the right idea’s with the wrong timing.  With all of the adversity, he has come out of it smarter and more well rounded.


Anastasia Bennett

Owner of WOF CrossFit

I have made so many mistakes over 4.5 years running an affiliate and still learning. You name it, I have been there… Learn from my mistakes. I must admit I live my perfect day now and I would love to help you to get there as well!


Greg Strauch

Owner of CrossFit Unknown Element

Currently, 10 programs including his personal favorite, CFUE Nutrition, are going strong helping show the community options for living a healthier lifestyle through the CrossFit community. Greg continues to develop his passion for helping others. Being part of the Two Brain Mentor team, he focuses on helping local and global business owners get to their “perfect day.”

jeff B

Jeff Burlingame

Owner of Friction CrossFit

You name it, Jeff has been through it. He has taken his business from a near bankrupt tragedy, to an extremely profitable, automated machine. Having now FIRED himself from the business entirely, he is ready to serve others and help them accomplish their perfect day!


Jeff Smith

Owner of Cannon CrossFit

Running a business is not for the faint of heart and something I learned long ago is to always have mentors in anything you do. Look for the people that have done what you are trying to do, ask questions, and seek guidance.


Josh Martin

Owner of CrossFit for Glory

Mentoring is about one thing: believing in others dreams for themselves and helping them create a path towards achieving them. All that other stuff is simply the means to the end – your perfect day.”


Josh Price

Owner of Loco CrossFit

I want to serve, I want to come alongside all of these owners to push them forward in training, in strategy, in tactics, to make them reach places they never knew they could, to teach them to know themselves. And when we have accomplished those goals to teach them to pass on all they have learned to the next group.


Sherman Merricks

Owner of Dynasty CrossFit

Being in the position of having a successful business and having the opportunity to help others reach their goals is a dream come true for me. I want to work with mentees who are driven, focused, and are looking to leave a legacy for generations coming behind them.


Dr. Brian Strump

Owner of Live Active Charlotte

To say I was excited when asked to join this incredible team of people would be an understatement. “Help First” was what I was already doing, but never heard the phrase and now the path has come full circle.


Oskar Johed

Owner of CrossFit Medis

Oskar has an uncanny ability to find “the lead domino”, the next action that will make the biggest change. He is eager to help gym owners identify their lead domino on their way to a happier, more prosperous life.


Tammy Friedt

Owner of CrossFit TPA

Being in the fitness industry for over two decades, my desire to help people succeed fills my soul. Opening a gym allowed me to continue to help others. This was an incredible dream of mine ever since I found CrossFit. However I quickly learned, you cannot run a business solely on dreams and prayers, no matter how hard you work.

jay rhodes

Jay Rhodes

Owner of Live Active Stoney Creek, Inc., home of CrossFit Outlaw North and Feed Your Lifestyle Nutrition Coaching

Jay has been described as leading by example and setting the bar high his entire life. His areas of specialty include working alongside a spouse, maximizing revenue and profit in a small space, and much more.


Kaleda Connell

Owner Degree CrossFit Seaforth

Kaleda is the owner of the “Happiest Place in Seaforth”. She’s loves systems, action and moving quickly. She’s retired at 29, her business runs itself and she can’t wait to help you do the same. Let’s stop trading dollars for hours and turn you from a business owner to an entrepreneur.


Karl Solberg

Owner CrossFit Medis

Owning and operating a personal training company, a corporate wellness company and CrossFit Medis has provided plenty of obstacles and beautiful constraints. Every mistake and every victory provides opportunity for growth and improvement. Karl is eager to share whatever he can to help you getting closer to your perfect day.


Jeff Larsh

Owner Tidal CrossFit

Over the last 8 years, he has opened 4 gyms from the ground up, bought 1 gym and closed another. Whether you are just starting out, looking to scale your current operations or already running multiple locations, Jeff is passionate about helping you set sound business fundamentals built on established principals to make growing your business efficient and fun!

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