Our Mission

Two-Brain’s mission is to help 1 million fitness entrepreneurs grow their businesses.

We want to keep entrepreneurs in the fitness space so they can keep helping people and the communities they live in. 

We’re committed to providing fitness entrepreneurs with tested, data-backed strategies that will help them create strong, stable, profitable businesses. 

Image of Chris Cooper.


Chris Cooper

Chris Cooper believes hard-working business owners are the heart and soul of the economy, and he’s dedicated his life to supporting them through mentorship. His goal: help 1 million entrepreneurs find success.

After starting Two-Brain Business on Feb. 13, 2016, Chris built one of the largest mentorship practices in the world….

We’ve helped over 2,000 gyms boost revenue, grow membership, and dramatically increase profit!

We support hundreds of entrepreneurs all over the world with a huge, diverse team of Certified Two-Brain Mentors who have worked in the trenches and built successful businesses. Our hand-picked mentors go through a rigorous screening process and constantly upgrade their skills so they’re on the leading edge of the fitness industry.

These are the finest mentors in the world, and each one is invested in your happiness and success. Below, you’ll find an expert who will become a trusted advisor and your greatest supporter as you grow your business.

Our Mentors

Brian Strump

Owner, Live Active Charlotte

“The best way for me to thank those that helped me in the past would be to do my best to help others create the lives they want for themselves and others."

Anastasia Bennett

Owner, WOF CrossFit

Anastasia Bennett knows how to take action, and she can help you take action, too. She’ll help you learn how to hire, how to build an effective team and how to be a leader. She’ll teach you how to sell without being pushy—and how to retain those clients for the long term. She can teach you all these things because she’s done them herself.

Greg Strauch

Owner, CrossFit Unknown Element

Greg continues to develop his passion for helping others. Being part of the Two-Brain Mentor team, he focuses on helping local and global business owners get to their “Perfect Day.”

Laurie Drummond

CEO, Ultra CrossFit

Laurie is a military veteran and former advisor to the Australian Ambassador in the Middle East. She excels at communication and building relationships, and she is truly passionate about “working for yourself” because of the freedom and opportunities it allows.
A portrait head shot of Two-Brain Business mentor Joleen Bingham.

Joleen Bingham

CEO, 13 Stripes Fitness

After taking over a gym in 2016, Joleen quadrupled revenue and built a very successful PT program, then opened a second location that reached profitability in three months. She’s a direct motivator whose specialties include running multiple locations and working with a spouse or partner.

Josh Martin

Owner, CrossFit For Glory

Josh says his goal is “to pay forward what I have learned over all these years, from education to coaching to business—the successes and failures. I hope that my experience and help can instill confidence in others that their dreams are attainable.”

Our Vision

The Two-Brain Business Vision: A network of successful, independent leaders who mentor fitness business owners to success. We use experience, not opinion; data and proof, not random ideas.

We move entrepreneurs through four distinct phases on their journey to success: Founder, Farmer, Tinker and Thief. We have defined exactly what makes an entrepreneur successful in each phase of our program.

We are committed to generating measurable results for fitness professionals so they can help their clients.

Our values guide our actions and the actions of people who work with us.


Base Decisions on Evidence

We focus on objective evidence to drive our actions. When we aren’t sure, we look for ways to collect the evidence from someone who has it or from tests. We create measurable results for our clients by living this value.

Lead Through Positivity

We help people first. We teach this concept to our clients and demonstrate it in our operations. We celebrate our clients and build them up, along with the people who work with and around us. We know that positive leadership and actions will create better results and relationships.

Take Ownership

We will take initiative to get positive results because we care deeply about the outcome. We follow through and don’t wait for others to act. We are accountable for the results of our actions. "Ownership" doesn’t mean you must resolve all issues on your own. You might need help from others and would be wise to seek it.

Pursue Personal Growth

We are a mentorship company, and we demonstrate our commitment to personal growth through our actions. We are never done learning and always seek to improve ourselves.