The State of the Industry

From Two-Brain Business

The most comprehensive, data-driven analysis of the fitness industry ever conducted.

2020 turned the gym business on its head.

Closures. Cancelled memberships. Reopenings. More closures. So, where are we now? Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Who’s in the best position moving forward?

In this 84-page report, Two-Brain answers these questions in unparalleled detail.

We worked with top analysts, data providers, and more than 6,000 gyms across multiple continents to forge an unprecedented “big-picture” view of what’s really happening in our industry, by the numbers.

The report includes fresh insight into:

  • The types of gyms that are most profitable
  • Where the most profitable gyms get the bulk of their revenue
  • How much gyms are paying their employees
  • How many gyms had to fire staff during COVID
  • Most gyms’ typical lead costs
  • How many gym owners are considering selling their businesses

And much more.

“Data is truth.”

Chris Cooper, Founder of Two-Brain Business

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