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A rare opportunity to get expert 1-on-1 mentoring from some of the most successful gym owners in the world:

We’ll Show You How to Make Your Gym More Profitable and Less Stressful…. in Only 8 to 12 Weeks!

Fellow Gym Owners,


You and I may not know each other personally.

But if you own a gym, here’s what I do know about you….

You’ve got countless business challenges.


If you’re like many gym owners, you’re…..


Struggling to increase memberships


Operating with limited cash flow


Tired of spinning your wheels without seeing profits


Unable to pay yourself a salary or hire new staff


Sacrificing family and social life


Unsure what to do to keep your gym afloat


Worried that your gym isn’t going to survive


Wondering how to make your gym less stressful and more profitable

If you’re tired of constantly doing more… trying harder… stressing out… spinning your wheels in the wrong direction… and not making real progress in growing your gym….

Keep reading this short letter for some exciting news!  

I’m about to share how you can make your gym less stressful and more profitable in just 8 to 12 weeks.

And at absolutely NO financial risk to you.    

But first, I’d like to introduce myself and explain why helping gym owners succeed is my life’s passion….

I’m Coach Chris Cooper, Founder of Two-Brain Business and two successful gyms. I’m a leading fitness mentor, consultant, and author of the best-selling fitness books of all time, Two-Brain Business, Two-Brain Business 2.0 and Help First. Each day, I reach over 25,000 gym owners through my Two-Brain Business podcasts and blog posts.

Why I Spent Thousands of Hours Creating the Finest Mentorship Program in the World for Gym Owners

A few years ago, I had a head-scratching mystery on my hands!

It pained me to witness so many incredibly talented and smart gym owners struggling to survive.

Why were these awesome business owners encountering so many problems?

I realized it’s because they were completely on their own and lacked the experience necessary to know how to overcome their many challenges.

But I knew all of their difficulties were 100% solvable with the right help.

What they needed, to ensure their success, was support and guidance from a seasoned gym owner like myself.

I’d already built several prosperous businesses from scratch. So I knew from my own first-hand experience exactly what struggling gym owners needed to do.

First, I mentored over 300 gym owners around the globe with great success.

But I wanted to do more than that.

My dream was to create the finest team of mentors on the planet to help gym owners grow their businesses.

But not just any mentors would do.

I decided to travel the world and personally hand-pick only the best mentors with proven track records of building the most successful gyms.

Mission Accomplished!

And that, my friends, is how the Incubator mentoring program was born.  

I’m so proud that since 2012….

We’ve Helped Over 2,000 Gym Owners Increase Memberships, Boost Revenue and Skyrocket Their Profits!

We did it! New space soft open tonight. Standing there last night I had the distinct feeling that this was the end of the old ways. Thanks TwoB and all you wonderful people for helping me see my way to our worth.

—Justin Keane

Gym turned 6 this week and has never been stronger. Membership is doubled and Revenue is tripled since starting withTwo-Brain 3.5 years ago.

—Kyle Brumenschenkel

Two years ago we opened our doors. With a 1500sq ft space a dream and a hell of a lot of determination to succeed. Aside from investments for equipment and start up we have had our expenses covered from day 1 #blessed. (not salary lolo but work in progress :))

We now have 3 PT coaches. I work mainly FT at the box. We are in our second space and likely our last (we like it), our membership is filled with kind people, who show respect and know how to have a good laugh, and those that don’t filter themselves out.

Since joining TBB we continue to uplevel our pricing to MATCH our quality of service #knowyourvalue, and I (we) are truly transformed by what it means to be an entrepreneur and “chaser” of our dream life (that continues to evolve).

This IS the life TBB. Not everyone has the guts to do what we do (live with passion), and for that I will NEVER give up.

Darryl Alphonso (we’re still alive…..and married lolol), xx —Erin Alphonso

I just ran some lifetime numbers. I got in this group when it first launched in January. Prior to that I really didn’t do any Facebook Advertising.

Total Facebook Spend this year: 
I’ve run ads for:
Women’s Six Week Challenge, Men’s Six Week Challenge, and non-targeted Six Week Challenges. I also ran ads for a Summer Youth Athletic Training program.

When leads come in we steer them to our NSI process. I have only captured the revenue that went directly into the 6-week challenge or the youth program. Here are those FER numbers:
6-Week Challenge: $15,883.52
Summer Youth Program: $9,111.50

These numbers don’t capture Front End Revenue for those leads that opted to go the normal OnRamp route or into our Kettlebell program.

I can’t imagine where my business would be without the knowledge and support I’ve gained from this group!

—Alan Wissbroecker

My Metric for today:

JUST HIT OUR 20th NEW MEMBER! Going to Mexico with Erin Daniels Layton and our rugrats. Mateo Lopez and John Franklin – would not have happened without your willingness to share. I’m about to drive down to Calgary and plant a big fat one on John. —Kim Layton

Metrics Monday:
I have been slacking on posting for a while but I’m back.

Metrics Monday

All time (Since first week of July)

Spend: $2,275

Leads: 598

CPL: $3.80

NSI Booked: 235

NSI Show:89

Closed: 45

Upfront Revenue: $24,248 —Michael Druke

Owning a business with your partner is NOT easy or at least it was not easy for us. At heart, we are both different people. She is Fire Department Chief and I am an Entrepreneur. Which can be like oil and water. 

CrossFit brought us together. But, I have to say that Two Brain helped us stay together.

BTW, after 6 years we are getting married.

—Ashley Bridges

So this fella and I just signed papers purchasing 153 acres of land! I remember the very first time we met Chris Cooper in Calgary…Dan was coaching everything, we had to close the gym for two days to be able to make it to the seminar.

We were doing some things right and many things wrong, it was our first taste of Profit First (we had a 10 hour drive and lots of time to listen to the book) which we immediately implemented and is a huge part of the reason we have arrived here at this Bright Spot on this particular Friday.

Dan will be home at a decent time today like a normal human after working many 16 hour days over Sept and Oct, the added staff has been so great. I’d like to introduce myself to Jeff Burlingame. Thank you for all your help. Dan has told me many great things about you, hopefully, someday we will be able to meet!-

—Sarah Driedger

 2 years ago I watched a Chris Cooper video on the CF Journal. He talked about one of his clients and how the gym up the road (which sounded a lot like my gym and I was just up the road from this particular “rock star” gym) was doing all these things wrong… It stung, and part of me wanted to call 2Brain but a bigger part thought I was too deep, too burnt out, and it was too late to turn the ship around and I should call it quits.

My Income per student was just under $100 and I couldn’t comprehend how to get it higher. I was stretched so thin I had didn’t have another minute to give.

My goal was to get it to $150 which seemed impossible.

This was taken this morning, actually down a little bit.



This particular “rock star gym” Coop was highlighting in his lecture, was owned by former members of mine. I literally was devastated. I was so close to calling it quits, and am so glad I called 2brain.

I’m coaching 2 of my sons in hockey this year, my payroll is higher than my monthly gross 2 years ago, my wife has been able to take the last two months and focus on our new baby Olivia.

I have a long way to go, and I’m still in awe daily of what so many of you are doing, but today I am letting myself be slightly content for a few hours as I reflect on how far we’ve come.

So this fella and I just signed papers purchasing 153 acres of land! I remember the very first time we met Chris Cooper in Calgary…Dan was coaching everything, we had to close the gym for two days to be able to make it to the seminar.

We were doing some things right and many things wrong, it was our first taste of Profit First (we had a 10 hour drive and lots of time to listen to the book) which we immediately implemented and is a huge part of the reason we have arrived here at this Bright Spot on this particular Friday.

Dan will be home at a decent time today like a normal human after working many 16 hour days over Sept and Oct, the added staff has been so great. I’d like to introduce myself to Jeff Burlingame. Thank you for all your help. Dan has told me many great things about you, hopefully, someday we will be able to meet!-

—John Miller

Just turned off my ad for a 6 Week challenge that doesn’t start until January 7 because its over sold.

This is the third straight 6 week challenge I have oversold. Still have some lines in the water to follow up with.

Spent $95

Sold 13 spots @ $129.

$1.05/lead. —Caz Taback

Happily, You No Longer Need to Struggle on Your Own

Whether you’ve just launched your gym, or it’s been up and running for some time and you’re struggling to keep it afloat…

And no matter how dire or hopeless it may feel right now….

You now have a rare opportunity to work 1-on-1 with your own mentor to ensure your gym’s long-term financial success.

Each of your sessions is led by a Two-Brain certified mentor who’s been in your exact shoes while building their own gym.  

They’ve gone through every single thing you’re experiencing and learned what works and what doesn’t to overcome every hurdle.

They’re eager to share all their time-tested “insider” secrets to accelerate the growth of your gym.

The Incubator mentoring program will keep you focused and motivated with a “winning” mindset until you reach all your goals.

Working With Your Mentor is Your “Secret Weapon” for Success

Do you know what the world’s most successful entrepreneurs have in common?

They hate wasting precious time.

They know that every second counts while trying to build a business.

So whenever they encountered a problem along their journey to fame and fortune….

They weren’t too proud to immediately reach out for help from a qualified expert.

Everyone from Steve Jobs to Bill Gates to Warren Buffett sought expert advice from a mentor to jumpstart their amazing careers.   

They knew that doing it alone without receiving the invaluable support of a mentor is committing business suicide!

It literally means the difference between success and failure.

The invaluable advice they received saved them from years of frustration and put them light years ahead of their competition.

Choosing to work with a mentor was the smartest business decision they ever made.

You’ll Learn Proven Strategies to Attract, Convert, and Retain More Gym Memberships

You don’t need any special marketing background to follow our breakthrough mentoring program.

You don’t need to be an internet geek.  

You don’t need to be a computer whiz.

All you need is a desire to reduce stress and increase your profits, and our mentors will show you how.

You’ll learn the most effective marketing strategies to gain new members in droves.

There’s literally nothing like the Incubator mentoring program anywhere.

It is a straightforward, simple, and proven system for growing your gym and achieving financial freedom…

… perfected over the past 6 years by over 2,000 gym owners…

… that you can go through at your own pace…

… in your spare time (evenings, weekends, lunch hours)…

So your gym can finally cook on high heat!  

The Incubator Mentoring Program is For Gym Owners Who Want to Enjoy…..

Increased Memberships

Excellent ROI

More Effective Business Operations

Customized Mentorship

More Free Time

Financial Freedom

Better Onboarding of Staff

Happier Clients

Increased Revenue and Profits

Why More Gym Owners Choose The Incubator Mentoring Program

For one thing, all our mentors “walk the talk,” and are highly successful gym owners.

Other mentoring programs are run by people who don’t even own gyms and often aren’t even in the fitness business!

They regurgitate the same outdated webinar and sales scripts and use “cookie cutter” generic training without providing 1-on-1 support.  

At best, they may offer ineffective group coaching, which doesn’t provide the individual support or accountability you need.   

Unlike our competitors, we never provide “one size fits all” mentoring.

We know that no two gym owners are alike or share the same challenges.

Our mentors take the time to get to know the history of your gym, including your struggles, daily challenges, and ultimate business goals.

We’ll review every detail of your fitness business with a fine-toothed comb… and learn what’s working, what’s not working, and where you’ve hit a roadblock.

And then we’ll develop a customized strategy to grow your gym in just 8 to 12 weeks.

Your Incubator Mentoring Program Includes:


9 one-on-one phone sessions with your own Two-Brain certified mentor


Chris Cooper's best-selling business books:

  • Two Brain Business
  • Two Brain Business 2.0
  • Help First

Full access to our Two-Brain Online University (the best in the world) with dozens of additional video modules and templates


Templates for contracts, waivers, worksheets, gift certificates and more


Content marketing templates


Our proven 6-week funnel formula


Exclusive access to our private online community where you’ll meet other like-minded gym owners in a supportive and positive space


Facebook marketing training


Our webinar training library


Sample email marketing campaigns


Unlimited email support


Special #CEO blend coffee -- you’re going to need it with all the new business you’ll be generating!

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Look, you have a couple of choices right now.

You can keep doing what you’re doing … and continue spinning your wheels without seeing results….

Or, here’s a much smarter idea…

You can join the Incubator mentoring program and start making real progress in growing your gym in just 8 to 10 weeks.

But Don’t Take Our Word For It! Here’s What a Few Grateful Gym Owners Have to Say

The positivity and inspiration in the Two Brain Business group and the transformation my gym has made since I started with Chris is incredible. I have doubled my income since January which blows my mind. And for the positive changes I’ve made as a business owner rather than a hobbyist, I would pay double.

—Tammy Friedt

CrossFit TPA

I would have completely crashed and burned if it weren’t for Two-Brain. I am blown away at what value I have gotten in return for now what I feel is a small financial investment. Starting a box is incredibly hard and having the Incubator made it absolutely doable. Don’t do it alone, please! If you are having any doubt that it is worth it, just trust all of these 5 star reviews and join the Two-brain family today.

—Rosemary Cubbage


Two-Brain Business is a game changer. They taught me everything a gym owner/business owner needs to know to have a successful business. We were in the process of opening our gym and could not have done it without the help of Two-Brain.

—Kyle Baughman

Golden Goose CrossFit

My issues were no different than yours; not enough members, not enough money, not enough time. After two months of putting in consistent effort my gym is poised for growth. You do the work, you get the benefit. Why would you wait to start “next week”?

—Jordan Vance

CrossFit Carolina Beach

We signed up for the Incubator program about 8 weeks before we planned to have our Grand Opening, and I am so glad we did! Working through the program with Brian gave us direction, kept us focused, and has allowed us to start with a much better foundation than we would have otherwise.

—April Eubanks

Jubilee Fitness/CrossFit Jubilee

It’s been an absolute pleasure working through, developing new skills, and setting this gym up as a place we can all be proud of for a long time to come! Thank you.

—Todd Ford

Fortitude Fitness

If you own a gym, this is fundamental, required learning. I delayed going through it because I already had so much on my plate. But finding the time, and making it happen was absolutely worth it. There are many awesome things about the incubator, but having a CLEAR action-focused plan of attack was the most valuable to me. All you have to do is IMPLEMENT. Just do the steps, and things will come together.

—Nathan Holiday

Level Method Gym

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