Two-Brain Business exists
for one reason:

To make life better for gym owners.

We’ve already helped thousands transform their businesses and lives. Here are just a few.

David Arce


Before Two-Brain, David was paying just to keep his gym open. He nearly went bankrupt trying to undercut his competitors’ prices.

Today, the gym’s monthly revenues are five times what they were before, and he’s paying his coaches more than the entire business used to earn.

Lindsay VanSchoyck

CROSSFIT FINAL CALL, Robinson, Illinois

Lindsay and her husband Matt opened a gym out of love for helping people get fit. Keeping their full-time jobs, they quickly realized their passion project would cost them time with their children. And it wasn’t even making money.

Working with a Two-Brain mentor, they completely revamped the gym’s services, marketing, and operating procedures. And it paid off. Matt was able to quit his job and devote time to parenting. They opened a second location and can now vacation for weeks at a time while resting assured the gyms will run themselves.

Jason Coan

LOCOMOTION FITNESS, Charleston, South Carolina

Jason found meaning in life by devoting himself to the health and wellness of others. His goal is to help 10,000 people become happier through fitness.

Two-Brain has taught Jason the specific business strategies he needs to keep his mission profitable and sustainable.

In his first year, he quadrupled monthly revenue.

Harmony Hilderbrand

CROSSFIT AMPERSAND, Gardnerville, Nevada

Up at 5. Coach for 3 hours. Work for 8 hours. Coach another 3 hours. All while losing money every month. That’s the grind Harmony and her husband Jeff were on with before they started working with Two-Brain.

Mentorship taught them how to offer their clients more, so they’ll (happily) pay more. With extra revenue, the gym can afford to pay staff. It’s allowed Harmony and Jeff to spend more time with their child, and even quit their full-time jobs.

OK, so how does a gym owner turn their business around?

Let’s get specific.

In these podcast episodes, we go deep into what Two-Brain clients have done to find success—by their own definitions, on their own terms.

From $70 to $284 Per Member: Storm Strout’s Revenue Revolution

When Storm Strout first opened his gym, he charged $70 a month. Today, that’s what he charges for one hour of private coaching.

$314 Average Revenue Per Member - How Jennifer Dawson Did It

Think having 500 members will make your gym profitable? It depends on how much each of those members is paying…

Consistent 30% Profit Margins: How Mike Collette Does It

Mike Collette had just split from his business partner, gotten married, bought a house and gotten a dog—then COVID hit.

Sinking Ship to Rocket Ship: How Brandon Evans Did It

Before Brandon Evans started mentorship with Two-Brain Business, his gym, Heart and Hustle Fitness, was operating at a $7k deficit each month.

More voices from the
Two-Brain family…

We’re just months into RampUp and we have almost tripled our revenue from when we started. Our life has been absolutely transformed, and we couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of the Growth Phase now of Two-Brain Business.”

Kourtney Brownlow

CROSSFIT IMAGINE Symrna, Tennessee

I was terrified of the price tag and wanted to kill my husband/business partner, but on the other side of RampUp I am just thrilled that we did it, and it is the single best thing we could have done to grow our business. We have increased our top line by 50 percent!

Margaret Bramer

413 Fitness, New Albany, Indiana

We have grown our membership base from 87 to 160 members. We relinquished all control over to the RampUp process and took down every preconceived idea we had we thought was right. We just followed the plan from start to finish, and it paid off. Two-Brain Business literally changed our whole world.

Deanna Mawson

Trive MVMNT, Victoria, Australia

The amount of extra revenue I have generated from the ideas given in those FB & zoom lives are beyond measure. My head coach is selling PT every day, generating sales now from inside the gym and working to solve problems our current members are having. In the last month his calendar has exploded and can barely keep up with the demand.

Billy Gorham

North Jax Fitness, Jacksonville, Florida

One year post COVID shutdown and the gym just hit the highest gross revenue since I’ve owned it! Grateful and proud.

Ryan Robertson


We just had our biggest revenue month in history in March. Still lots of work to do, but so grateful. Great mentor call yesterday. That is truly the best part of TBB for me… keeps me sane and calm and pushing forward even when I don’t want to be or do those things. Thank you, Sensei.

Taynya Sammis

CROSSFIT VIRILIS, San Antonio, Texas

I finally discovered I am truly a CEO and not just self-employed! Sunday I asked my husband if he wanted to head to the Dominican Republic for a few days with the kiddos for a little fun in the sun. By Sunday night we had everything booked and Monday afternoon we left! The gym hasn’t missed a beat with me being gone and I’m living my Perfect Day!

Cathleen Clemmons Turner

TRUST ATHLETICS, Theodore, Alabama

Ran our metrics this morning…we had the best metrics we’ve had for as long as I can remember. Just following step by step what we’re supposed to do!

Ben Tyler

925 STRONG, San Antonio, Texas