A close-up image of a spider's web on a blue background.

Building a Referral Web (That Might Be all the Marketing You Ever Need)

In the Tinker Phase, you’re the connector. Here’s how to make local connections that benefit your business—and those around you.

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A man looks up at a graphic on a wall that shows connections between people.

Building a Referral Network in Your Town

Chris Cooper lays out five steps that will put your business at the center of a web of good will and local awareness.

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A shot of a group of young women meditating during a yoga class.

The Number 1 Thing Yoga Studios Should Sell

Sorry, but it isn’t stretchy pants. It’s also not goat yoga, mats or teacher training. If you want to succeed, you must sell consistency.

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A word cloud featuring "referral marketing" and associated words and phrases.

Building a Referral Culture: The First Year

Chris Cooper lays out your annual plan to get your current clients to introduce you to their friends—your next clients.

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Chris Cooper

The Secrets of Exponential Growth in Gyms

Coop on what “exponential growth” really looks like in the gym business—and how to achieve it.

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A bright blue keyboard button with the words "refer a friend."

Building a Referral Culture

Your clients have friends who would be perfect for your gym—but they won’t just appear. Here’s how to connect with them.

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