What if Every Client Spent $12,000 at Your Gym?

All about lifetime value—from the gym owner whose average LTV is $12,000.

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2021: The Best Time to Open a Microgym - a woman lifting weights

2021: The Best Time to Open a Microgym

2021 might be the best time in history to open a microgym. Here’s why—and what to do if you don’t know how to get your business going.

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A man in a green sweatshirt performs pull-up wearing a mask and goggles.

Pandemic Pushes Pull-Ups Online at 5 of 10 CrossFit Games Semifinals

Half of the 10 CrossFit Games Semifinals are now virtual as COVID-19 continues to disrupt live events and travel.

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Kate Rawlings and title text

From CrossFit Games Athlete to Gym Owner to CEO

Kate Rawlings’ journey through injury, career-identity shifts and tragedy to her Perfect Day.

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Two Starfish on a beach - care changes lives - leaving a legacy

Care Changes Lives: Leaving a Legacy

To create a legacy for your kids and your city, you need a plan. Chris Cooper lays out the five key elements of his long-term vision.

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Sault Ste. Marie boardwalk at the waterfront - care changes lives - change your town

Care Changes Lives: Change Your Town

Chris Cooper lays out a plan to help you make real, lasting changes that can help local people and the larger community.

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