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Two-Brain Coaching First Degree: Good to Great

How to level up as a coach with the First Degree Course.

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Microgym Myths

Chris Cooper lays out two myths about microgyms and one lie so deadly it can completely destroy your fitness business.

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Brooks DiFiore and title text.

Two-Brain Programming: How to Save Time and Money

Two-Brain Programming delivers multiple tracks of customized programming along with resources for holistic coaching and coach development.

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Gym staff meeting - how to give your staff a raise

How to Give Your Staff a Raise

It’s wrong to undermine your gym’s stability or sacrifice your family’s income by paying coaches too much. Do this instead.

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Gym staff member giving a tour -Should Your Gym Pay Sales Commissions?

Should Your Gym Pay Sales Commissions?

Eventually, you’re going to replace yourself in the “sales” role at your gym. But that doesn’t mean you have to pay the person a commission.

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A gym owner checking payroll - should you pay staff a salary

Should Your Gym Pay a Salary?

Chris Cooper explains when you should pay salaries and when you should use “intrapreneurialism” to incentivize staff members.

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