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A photo of gym owner Brian Strump and the title "One Path to $1M Net Worth? Buying Your Gym's Building."

One Path to $1M Net Worth? Buying Your Gym’s Building

John Franklin sits down with Brian Strump of Live Active Charlotte, who recently bought his gym’s building for $1.8 million.
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A coach reads a staff playbook in the gym as part of his career development plan.

When Staff Members Are an Investment, Not an Expense

Great staff members generate at least 2.5 times more revenue than they are paid. So what are you doing to mentor your team to success?
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A gym owner meets with a trainer to review an income spreadsheet on a laptop in a Career Roadmap session.

Developing Coaches: Forget Cues and Focus on Careers

A well-run gym can shield staff members from risk as they create fulfilling careers that generate more income for everyone.
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A picture of a very happy fitness coach and the words "Why Bring Your Coaches to the 2024 Two-Brain Summit?"

Why Bring Your Coaches to the 2024 Two-Brain Summit?

Your coaches want to create careers on your platform—but they won't be able to do it without your help. Here's your starting point!
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A dejected personal trainer sits on a tire in a functional fitness gym.

Starving Coaches With 10 Credentials (I Was One)

A B+ coach will starve in a D+ business. That’s why I focus on business and leave coach training to others.
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A loudspeaker next to the words "your opinion matters if you have data, too."

Why “It Worked for Me” Can Kill Your Gym

People love to share opinions and experiences, but they won't rush to share the misery when their advice leads you astray.
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