A small child desperately holds onto the leg of his father.

By the Numbers: LEG (How to Keep Clients Forever)

Length of engagement is critical to the success of a gym. Here are tips from gym owners who keep clients for 3-5+ years.

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Image of Chris Cooper.

Chris Cooper’s Gym-Owner Challenge: Steal 5 Exercises!

Why you should try something new — and teach it to your clients.

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Using Teams and Team Leaders in Your Business - chalk drawing of a leader propelling the team upward

By the Numbers: ARM Secrets From Two-Brain’s Leaders

Chris Cooper shares the wisdom of gym owners whose average revenue per member ranges from $301 to $410 per month.

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A client in a suit consults a personal trainer about pre-workout supplementation.

The Best Content Marketing Idea of 2021 for Gym Owners

Mike Warkentin gives you three ways to create an end-of-year blog post that can generate good will, web traffic and referrals.

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Dave Colina

The 02 Story: Dave Colina on Helping Gyms

What happened when a fitness-beverage company focused on helping first.

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A golden podium with the Two-Brain logo and a sign that says "place client here."

How to Be More Valuable: Appreciation

Appreciation closes the loop on value. There are some obvious ways to show appreciation but also some you might not have thought of.

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