A closeup image of a very stressed man with his hands on his head.

Your Next Client Is Stressed and Terrified Right Now

New report suggests your messaging must appeal to consumers who are full of worry and too scared to even walk into a gym.

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Gym Contract Felon

Your Gym Contract Could Make You a Felon: Here’s How to Fix It

Matthew Becker of explains how to make sure your contracts are up to code and don’t get you in legal trouble.

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Realities of Leadership

By the Numbers: Effective Hourly Rate

How do gym owners earn from $180 to $867 per hour? Chris Cooper has tips from the entrepreneurs on Two-Brain’s August leaderboard.

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Give yourself a raise - Two-Brain Business

Why and How Gym Owners Can Give Themselves Raises

Chris Cooper provides four reasons to charge more at your gym and then five ways you can give yourself the raise you deserve.

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A red pin stands at the head of a group of white pins to illustrate leadership.

By the Numbers: Net Owner Benefit August 2022

Chris Cooper presents a leaderboard with gym owners who are earning from $15,000 to $27,000 per month from their businesses.

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A personal trainer spots a client on a seated lat-pulldown machine.

Hybrid Memberships: Health-Care Savings and Huge Revenue

Fitness Industry Council reports activity saves governments money. Mike Warkentin says tailored gym services go even further.

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