A Social-Media Guide to the Two-Brain Summit in Chicago

Here’s how to use Instagram, Facebook and YouTube to make connections with other entrepreneurs during the 2022 Two-Brain Summit.

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Content Marketing

Content Marketing in Gyms: A 5-Step Framework

In this podcast, Chris lays out a content model that will get you in the practice of regularly producing content. In this clear, step-by-step guide, you’ll learn what you must do each day to produce great content that resonates with your existing clients and attracts new ones.

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Jason Tebedo

Gym Owner Profitable on Day 1 With 83 Members

New gym owner Jason Tebedo was able to open his doors at CrossFit Angier on launch day with a whopping 83 members. In this episode, he dishes the secrets to his opening-day success.

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A red icon with a ring around it stands in a sea of grey client icons.

By the Numbers: Who Has the Most Clients?

Chris Cooper reveals the top 10 leaderboard for Two-Brain gyms with the greatest number of clients in April 2022.

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On a beach, a dog in sunglasses relaxes with a martini.

Don’t Sleep on Spring: The Origins of the Summer Slump in Microgyms

If July and August are Death Valley for your revenue streams, now is the time to take clear action to solve the problem.

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Metacognitive Programming: Psychotherapy Meets Life Coaching

Ultimately, life coaching is about helping someone create a life that is worth living; gym owners can see a positive return by integrating these principles into their coaching practice.

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