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A graphic showing empty first-, second- and third-place photos beneath spotlights.

The Client Trifecta: The Essential Elements of Top Gyms

Focusing just on headcount? It’s a mistake. You need clients at your gym, but you also need to deliver value and retain your members.

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A woman with a surprised look on her face rests on a medicine ball in a functional fitness gym.

723 Clients in a CrossFit Gym? It Can Be Done—and Here’s the Proof

Chris Cooper reveals our Top 10 leaderboard for headcount and shares tips from the gym owners with the most clients.

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A group of people work out with assorted equipment in a busy gym.

By the Numbers: 723 Clients at Our Top Microgym!

Chris Cooper reveals the August 2023 client-count leaderboard and shares tips from the gym owners who earned Top 10 spots.

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A large collection of social-media icons—happy faces, hearts and blue thumbs-up symbols.

When Your Social Posts Generate 100 Likes and No New Clients

Mike Warkentin lists the things your social-media posts should do if you’re trying to use content to get new members for your gym.

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AI Content Creation: What Gym Owners Need to Know

AI Content Creation: What Gym Owners Need to Know

Chris Cooper offers tips for AI mastery, explains how you can misuse ChatGPT, and tells you how AI can be part of your marketing funnel.

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A graphic showing a human hand and a robot hand touching a glowing sphere at the same time.

Why Your AI Funnel Is Worthless Without a Skilled Human

You can generate all the AI content you want. You’re still going to have to learn how to solve problems for clients and close sales.

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