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An elf in a peach dress pets a white, winged unicorn in a forest.

The Group-Class Unicorn (and Why Chasing It Can Cost You)

Is it a good idea to try to build a 300-member gym that generates 90 percent of revenue with group classes? Probably not.
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A photo of gym owner Tim Rainer with the words "raise rates without losing members."

The Rate Increase: Exactly How Fit One Five Got It Right

Mike Warkentin sits down with Tim Rainer to discuss how a mentor helped him get it right when he increased rates for the fourth time.
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A cartoon image of a person on a cliff using a rope and pulley to raise a stack of money from below.

How One Mentor Created Almost $10 Million in Gym Revenue

Just one of our mentors has helped 81 gym owners increase their rates. Here's what those rate increases look like in total.
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A graphic of a business owner staring across a field of deep holes in front of a red flag that indicates the goal.

How to Screw up a Gym Rate Increase

There are nine huge mistakes that will make a rate increase fail at a gym. Chris Cooper lays them out and tells you how to avoid each one.
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A photo of Two-Brain mentor Greg Strauch and the title "how to raise rates at your gym."

Every Single Thing You Need to Know to Increase Rates at Your Gym

Two-Brain mentor Greg Strauch has helped 81 gym owners raise rates. Here's the process he used to do it without costing the gyms clients.
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Stacks of dumbbells of increasing size, with an arrow and the words "your gym's value."

Gym Rate Increases: 3 Essential Tips

Thinking about raising rates? Here’s what you need to know before you start trying to figure out exactly how much more to charge.
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