A group of multiethnic women with different kind of skin posing together in studio—legs only.

Fat Shaming, Diet Culture and Gym Owners

Mike Warkentin looks at two opposing views and calls in psychotherapist Bonnie Skinner for insight into advertising and body positivity.

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The Guy Who Bought a Gym During the COVID Shutdown (Epic Comeback)

Jordan Fink bought a gym. A few weeks later, COVID shut it down. Here’s how he climbed out of the hole and earned Two-Brain’s Comeback of the Year award.

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A young mother is working on a laptop on the sofa in her home with her baby sleeping in the push chair next to her.

How to Avoid Taking It out on Your Family: The Buffer

Entrepreneurs must find ways to detach from work stress and be good spouses, parents and friends. Here are 8 great buffers.

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A fitness coach in a purple top uses a mobile phone to sell by chat.

Sell by Chat for Gyms: Does It Work?

We only recommend sell by chat for gyms in certain cases. Check out our research to see if this marketing tactic will work for you.

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A mug of coffee next to a computer - the indirect ask

The Indirect Ask: A Zero-Cost, Guilt-Free Way to Get More Business

How a simple, two-sentence message can help you get new members without spending anything but a little time.

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Raw and Real: Gym Owner’s Greatest Fears Revealed to Peers—and Staff!

Justin Keane embraced openness and vulnerability with his team — and his business is better for it.

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