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A closeup of a hand holding a magnet that is pulling tiles with "client" icons toward it.

How to Delegate Retention Duties in Your Gym

As CEO, you might not have time to personally tick every box on the retention checklist. But someone has to or you'll start bleeding clients.
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A graphic showing a line marking progress upward to arrive at a platform with a red and white target.

How to Motivate Clients to Train for Years

“Am I going where I want to go?” Your clients will ask that question before renewing memberships. What if they don’t have a quick answer?
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A photo of a happy gym owner and the title "What Really Matters for Retention."

Retention: What Really Matters and What’s Completely Irrelevant

Some tactics help you hold valuable clients for years. Others are window dressing. Chris Cooper tells you how to move the retention needle.
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In a sea of wooden circles with red X's on them, a magnifying glass is held over a circle with a green check mark.

Retention: Are You Majoring in the Minors?

Social outings, badges, competitions—they only move the retention needle a tiny bit. Here's what to focus on instead.
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A confused man sits on the floor next to a treadmill at a gym.

Free Trials at Gyms: Still Not a Good Idea

What's the best way to get a prospective client to join? Mike Warkentin says it's a free consultation, not a free trial.
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A picture of Matt Temby with the title "Driving Through Sales Friction: Getting to 'Yes.'"

Driving Through Sales Friction: Getting to “Yes”

John Franklin sits down with Matt Temby to go over proven tactics for getting prospects to say “yes” in your gym's sales office.
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