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Sell by Chat for Gym Owners: Does It Work?

Chris Cooper challenged gym owners to get 100 leads ASAP. Amanda Chace talks about her success with the sell-by-chat strategy.

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How Does Your Business Survive Change?

Your business will change. Your story doesn’t have to.

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Media Assignment: What to Expect in a Coaching Gym

How to create a blog post that will help local people understand how your business can solve the problems they’ll find in globo gyms.

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A yoga teacher instructions a student on proper foot placement in warrior pose.

You Had a Yoga Teacher, Right? Got a Business Mentor?

If you’re stressed about your yoga business and losing joy, you’ll benefit from the guidance of a professional mentor.

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Gym-Owning Lawyer on Music Licensing (and Much More)

Matt Becker on those scary letters from ASCAP, waivers, liability, noncompete clauses and more.

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“Start a Gym”: Free Prizes Inside

Chris Cooper lists all the money-saving bonuses in his new book and tells fitness entrepreneurs how to get them.

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