A gym owner calculates payroll and writes a check to a staff member.

How to Pay Your Staff: Task Rate Vs. Hourly Rate

Having trouble tracking staff hours? Maybe the solution is paying per task instead. Here’s gym owner Brian Stump with some tips.

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A hand completes a puzzle by placing the last piece with a perfect employee on it.

How to Hire the Right Person

By working to understand every single element of a job, owners can define the perfect candidate and then hire the person who will succeed.

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John Heringer

Building $86,000 Monthly Revenue Through Retention (and Sales)

John Heringer shares his proven, highly effective strategies for improving retention, boosting sales and increasing overall revenue.

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A wooden cutout showing a person with a telescope standing on several arrows pointing upward.

Hiring Right Starts With Creating a Vision

How can you hire the right people if you don’t know where your ship is headed? Here’s how to plot a course and find the perfect crew.

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A gym owner with a pony tail smiles as she holds a medicine ball on her shoulder.

Feeling Down as a Gym Owner? Read This.

Mike Warkentin offers words of encouragement for fitness entrepreneurs who are weary after two tough years.

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Chris Cooper

“Should I Start Another Business?”—Chris Cooper Answers

The questions you need to ask yourself before you open another business.

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