A mug of coffee next to a computer - the indirect ask

The Indirect Ask: A Zero-Cost, Guilt-Free Way to Get More Business

How a simple, two-sentence message can help you get new members without spending anything but a little time.

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Raw and Real: Gym Owner’s Greatest Fears Revealed to Peers—and Staff!

Justin Keane embraced openness and vulnerability with his team — and his business is better for it.

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A fitness coach shows a prospective client a sales presentation on a tablet in an office.

Next-Level Sales: I Love the iPad

Upgrade your next free consultation with an iPad sales presentation that highlights member success and delivers clear options.

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Mike Collette

Why “Do as I Do” Doesn’t Work (How to Actually Mentor Staff)

How to improve your leadership skills—and make leaders of your staff, too.

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Leveling up your staff - a missing puzzle piece revealing idea lightbulb

Level Up Your Staff (and Fire Them Up Instead of Firing Them)

To become successful in business, you can’t just hire staff. You must mentor them to succeed—and then your business will grow, too.

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Building the next level - a climber scaling a rock face

Building the Next Level: All About That Leverage

To ascend as an entrepreneur, you must use every asset at your disposal. Here’s how to leverage your audience, your cash and your time.

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