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Social-media engagement icons flow into a blue funnel and emerge as money.

What to Say to Move Social Leads Down the Funnel

Chris Cooper gives you a step-by-step plan to message leads and move them closer to becoming members at your gym.
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A close-up image of hands holding a smartphone with social-media notifications popping up.

What to Post to Generate Social-Media Engagement

Check out three kinds of posts you can use to get people to hit like or comment on your favorite social media platform.
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A photo of a prospective gym client receiving a text from a gym owner.

Get More Gym Members Without Paid Ads

Marketing expert John Franklin shares proven strategies for acquiring high-value gym clients with zero ad spend.
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On a chalk board, a hand draws people icons being attracted to a large, red magnet.

Always Be Conversing: Lead Nurture in 2024

Conversations sell gym memberships—but where you have those chats is changing as more people spend more time on social media.
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A confused prospective gym client talks on a phone and tries to figure out what service package to buy.

How to Confuse Clients and Lose Focus Fast

Mike Warkentin once needed a decoder ring to navigate his service packages. Here's how to ensure your clients have clear, concise options.
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A photo of Two-Brain Business mentor Brian Foley and the title "Exactly How to Boost Revenue With a 55+ Program."

Exactly How to Boost Revenue With a 55+ Program

Brian Foley explains how he used simple but effective tactics to grow one of the largest fitness programs for older adults in Ireland.
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