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A look down a long, dirty, tunnel with a dim light at the end.

The Bad Exit: When You Should Not Sell Your Gym

Want out? If you sell at the wrong time, you won't get any ROI on your years of hard work, and you'll be miserable.
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On a white background, a series up wooden blocks show increasing percentages to indicate improving sale value.

How to Maximize Gym Value—Fast

Seven steps to make your gym far more valuable in about six months—whether you're planning to sell it or hold onto it.
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A photo of John Franklin and Taryn Dubreuil with the title "The Big Exit: Selling Your Gym the Right Way."

The Big Exit: Selling Your Gym the Right Way

When a gym owner sells a business, it’s often because they’re burned out and broke. Here's how to win on the way out.
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A gym business storefront with a "for sale" sign in the parking lot.

Is It Time to Sell Your Gym? (Do This First)

If you're looking to exit, here's the very best way to maximize the sale value of your gym. (Don't worry: it only takes six months.)
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A set of six very negative common social media face emojis.

Social Media Sins of the Small Fitness Business

Avoid mistakes and get in the good books with your followers by doing just three things that take about 5 minutes a day.
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A picture of Mike Doehla with the title "From Facebook to 8-Figures: Mike Doehla's Marketing Approach."

From Facebook to 8 Figures: Mike Doehla’s Marketing Approach

Using mostly unconventional marketing methods, Mike Doehla built a nutrition company that sold to Anytime Fitness for eight figures.
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