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A picture of Two-Brain mentor Oskar Johed and the title "Coaching Excellence in Gyms: How to Serve Steak Instead of Sandwiches."

Coaching Excellence in Gyms: How to Serve Steak Instead of Sandwiches

When great systems finally support your business, how do you develop and retain elite coaches who can build careers at your gym?
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A bright blue paint roller on a yellow background with the word "rebranding?" on it.

The True Costs of Changing Your Brand in 2024

An increase in affiliate fees has many gym owners considering their options. If you choose to rebrand, here's what you need to know.
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A confused gym owner scratches his chin and wonders how to get more clients.

What to Do When You Have No Idea Where Clients Come From

Mike Warkentin lays out a top gym owner's exact marketing funnel and explains what to do if you don't have a plan to acquire clients.
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A photo of gym owner Vel Bates and the words "16 sales in September: how he did it."

16 Sales in September: Here’s Exactly How Vel Bates Did It

Want to see inside a well-oiled sales machine at a gym? This is your chance. The owner of 3D Fitness spills all his sales secrets.
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In a sea of yellow sticky notes with arrows pointing to the right, one pink note in the center has an arrow pointing left.

Sticking to the Plan (and Why Some Gym Owners Can’t)

The No. 1 problem most gym owners face is they're all over the place. Here's how to find focus and grow your fitness business.
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A closeup image of a person running up stairs labeled "2023" to "2026."

Income Insight: Monthly Revenue Targets for Your Gym in 2024

"How do I earn $X?" Chris Cooper breaks your annual personal income goal into monthly targets for your gym business.
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