A close-up of a farmer's hand as he holds brown earth.

Clarity in the Farmer Phase: Improve Net Owner Benefit

As your business grows, you’re going to be distracted by many things. Here’s your point of focus in the second stage of entrepreneurship.

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Chris Cooper

How to Deal With the Copycat Gym Down the Street

Chris Cooper on how to use competition to your advantage.

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A closeup image of a man's hand as he uses mortar to lay the first row of bricks.

Clarity in the Founder Phase: One Point of Focus

Chris Cooper gives you a point of focus for the early stages of your business. Hint: It isn’t getting a new credential or arguing online.

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A unicorn with the words "warning: meat may contain endurobol."

Cheating in Fitness: Ricky Garard, Honesty and Tall Tales

When athletes fail drug tests, would they be better off dropping the creative explanations and just admitting they cheated?

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Billy Hofacker

Financial Problems? Billy Hofacker is Your Fitness Money Coach

“Your Fitness Money Coach” Billy Hofacker on how to get out of debt, build wealth and win with money.

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A graphic showing a businessperson drawing a red circle around a group of applicant icons.

Recruiting and Retaining Coaches: Beating the “Great Resignation”

The job market is tough! Here’s how to keep great staff members and make your gym attractive to potential team members.

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