Burnout, Impostor Syndrome & Finding Balance With Bonnie Skinner

In this episode, we delve into imposter syndrome, managing the transition from work to home, and the big one for many women in fitness business—burnout.

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Entrepreneurial Confidence: How to Change the Story You Tell Yourself

Psychotherapist Bonnie Skinner breaks down what entrepreneurial confidence is and how you can build it up.

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A closeup image of a smart phone displaying "48 steps" on an activity tracking app.

Wearable Fitness Tech: Tracking the Decline to 0 Steps per Day

New study reveals that people are moving less even though wearables are increasingly popular. The solution: fitness coaches.

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Programming by Avatar: The Info You Need From Beyond RXD

Not every client has the same goal. So why should their workouts look the same?

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A strong, muscular man yells while performing a power clean in a barbell training facility.

Changing Your Model: Using Media to Tell a New Story at Your Gym

Everything evolves. Here’s how to communicate big changes to staff and clients to ensure your business continues to succeed.

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From a line of grey hot-air balloons a gold rocket ship flies upward.

Changing Your Gym: 5 Essential Tips for Fitness Entrepreneurs

Your business must adapt and evolve. Chris Cooper offers five tips to help you get your gym to the next level of success.

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