Two-Brain Business is different.

We are a mentorship practice.

Mentors have achieved success in the fitness industry and can help you get there faster.

Mentors have already solved problems so you don’t have to.

Mentors are experienced and empathetic. Two-Brain mentors are selected for their care and trained to deliver our systems and data with excellence.

Most importantly, a mentor helps you to take action on the work you need to do right now.

Mentorship isn't about making a quick buck. It's the best long-term investment in your business.

A mentor maintains an objective eye on your business to give you clarity. A mentor looks at data and “the big picture” to help you set your priorities.

We are not a course, not a “guru,” not a consultant.

Gym owners are smart.

They have lots of ideas. We can identify the best ones.

Gym owners are connected.

They hear lots of opinions. We can show proof.

Gym owners can work hard.

That’s not the problem. We can help them work smart.

Gym owners can work long hours.

That’s not the problem. We can help them get home for dinner.

The problem isn’t care, or intelligence—the problem is focus.

That’s what mentors provide.

Seminars and consultants create more noise and overwhelm.

Mentors do the opposite: mentors create action.

We use data.

Social media is great for opinions and bad for proof.

All of the lies, hype, and scams wither and die in the light of proof.

No one else in the world does this.

Humans are emotional creatures. Business owners can’t approach situations with an objective eye. So mentors collect data. They set goals. They write plans. They assign immediate, measurable action. And they hold you to it.

We create action.

The key to survival (now) and growth (later) is the same thing: focus.

The ability to cut out the noise, cut through the overwhelm, and do only the things that matter.

We’re emotional creatures. We can’t approach situations with an objective eye. So we collect data. We set goals. We write plans. We assign immediate, measurable action. And we hold you to it.

What works? What doesn’t?

What works in some markets and not in others?

What’s best for you NOW and best for you in a few months?

What steps can you skip? What problems have others solved so you don’t have to?

We start with a 12-week sprint, building systems, teaching you how to price and sell, and kicking off your marketing plan.

Then we keep the momentum going for at least a year so you can watch your investment create returns over and over again.

Our ethos: “First with the head, then with the heart, then with the hands.”

“First with the head”

means we carefully consider how you should run your business using data and proof.

“Then with the heart”

means we teach a growth model that centers around caring delivery.

“Then with the hands”

means that our courses and mentorship are built with one purpose: to make sure you do the things that will make a difference.

Our mission is to make 1,000,000 fitness entrepreneurs wealthy.

If we can give fitness entrepreneurs the freedom of money and time, they will change the world’s health.

It’s an immense goal. But it’s worth the work. Let’s build together.

Our Products

1-year program designed to completely transform your gym.

16-week program geared towards increasing long-term profitability.


Monthly mentorship program with access to our Two-Brain Roadmap.


Mastermind program for high-level entrepreneurs looking for their next challenge.