I started RampUp 6 weeks ago. As of yesterday, my gym just had its highest grossing month to date.


RampUp is an accelerated 12-week mentorship program teaching gym owners how to build profitable, sustainable fitness businesses.

It provides a fast-track to the answers most gym owners spend painful years learning by themselves, like:

It’s a blueprint for success, and it works.

Who’s it for?

Gym owners who want to improve their business systems, and aspiring gym owners who are less than three months away from opening their facility.

You’ll learn how to:

This course includes

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Here’s What Gym Owners Have To Say


David Arce


Before Two-Brain, David was paying just to keep his gym open. He nearly went bankrupt trying to undercut his competitors’ prices.

Today, the gym’s monthly revenues are five times what they were before, and he’s paying his coaches more than the entire business used to earn.

Lindsay VanSchoyck

CROSSFIT FINAL CALL, Robinson, Illinois

Lindsay and her husband Matt opened a gym out of love for helping people get fit. Keeping their full-time jobs, they quickly realized their passion project would cost them time with their children. And it wasn’t even making money.

Working with a Two-Brain mentor, they completely revamped the gym’s services, marketing, and operating procedures. And it paid off. Matt was able to quit his job and devote time to parenting. They opened a second location and can now vacation for weeks at a time while resting assured the gyms will run themselves.


Jason Cohen

LOCOMOTION FITNESS, Charleston, South Carolina

Jason found meaning in life by devoting himself to the health and wellness of others. His goal is to help 10,000 people become happier through fitness.

Two-Brain has taught Jason the specific business strategies he needs to keep his mission profitable and sustainable.

In his first year, he quadrupled monthly revenue.

Harmony Hilderbrand

CROSSFIT AMPERSAND, Gardnerville, Nevada

Up at 5. Coach for 3 hours. Work for 8 hours. Coach another 3 hours. All while losing money every month. That’s the grind Harmony and her husband Jeff were on with before they started working with Two-Brain.

Mentorship taught them how to offer their clients more, so they’ll (happily) pay more. With extra revenue, the gym can afford to pay staff. It’s allowed Harmony and Jeff to spend more time with their child, and even quit their full-time jobs.


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