Enter the Growth Phase

Learn to:

Grow your gym’s revenue and profitability, so you can work on your business, not in your business---and only on the parts you enjoy.

Move up the value chain in your entrepreneurial journey and expand your influence.

Grow and support a larger team so you can achieve true financial independence.

In Growth, a pair of game-changing tools will fast-track your success:

The Two-Brain Dashboard and the
Two-Brain Growth ToolKit

The Dashboard is:

And the Growth ToolKit:

And your mentor guides you every step of the way.

Once you’ve identified your biggest opportunities for improvement, your mentor will lead you through the actions that take your gym to the next level, holding you accountable and keeping you on track.

When you join Growth, you’ll get….


We don’t sell ideas. We sell action. We help you set audacious goals, and connect monthly to keep you on track.

Community & Competition

You’ll connect with other ambitious gym owners in the Growth program, comparing notes, swapping stories, and helping each other climb towards greater financial prosperity.

Advanced Entrepreneurial Skills

As you master the practice of gym ownership, your mentor becomes your coach.

What the Program Includes:

Monthly 1:1 calls with your mentor.

Private access to the Growth Phase Facebook group.

Over 400 masterclasses-- videos, text, and specific tools included with the Growth ToolKit.

Weekly Specialist “Office Hours” for Sales, Facebook Marketing, Online Coaching, Nutrition Coaching, and more.

The Two-Brain Dashboard, with leaderboards and the Growth ToolKit.

Beyond RXD Programming (two separate tracks for three avatars).

The Blog Bank: Over 200 blog posts that you can cut and paste.

The Social Bank: Over 300 Social Media posts that you can edit and use yourself.

Full courses for Nutrition Business, Personal Training, Coaching Kids, and Online Coaching.

Templates for contracts, waivers, worksheets, gift certificates and more.

Owner scenario card deck to get some “reps” with your staff.

Email automations and DIY website templates.

35 different “prizes” to be found and earned by completing steps toward the Tinker Phase.

Access to hundreds of the top gym owners in the world.

Monthly Q+A with our top-performing gyms.

Here’s what Growth students are saying:

I’m actually starting to feel like a business owner instead of being owned by the business. I’ve outsourced the entire on-ramp process and sessions! That feels amazing.
Erik Penders
Steel Train Crossfit
For the first time ever, we’re able to compensate our team generously and fairly for the work they’re doing….I’m overcome with gratitude for them and for all of you in this group.
Michael Plank
Underwood Park Crossfit
I did a projection for the end of the year and if we hold steady at our monthly gross average, we will have increased our annual gross from last year by 19% WITH COVID shut downs for 6 months!
Liz Mills
Crossfit Teneo
Going on my first vacation since I bought the gym over 3 ½ years ago 🙌 It’s crazy--I remember this time exactly 3 years ago, I was done owning my gym….I wanted out and was just depressed, in tears and completely exhausted.
Josh Melendez
Crossfit Be Someone
We 10x’d our new business numbers with the same amount of leads as we’ve always had. This is catapulting my business to a whole new level and I’m pumped!
Scott Carpenter
Underground Fitness
We just had our highest revenue month ever beating out last month. We settled on some house plans for our new home. I’m calling it The House that Two Brain Built
Tres Kennedy
Crossfit Wotown

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