Tinker is Two-Brain’s most exclusive program, helping established entrepreneurs expand and diversify their wealth.

What’s a “Tinker”?

A Tinker is an entrepreneur who already owns a cash-flowing asset, but wants to:

Grow their wealth.

Expand their influence.

Remove fragility from their revenue streams.

Fulfill their potential as a leader.

How we help:

You’ll connect with other ambitious gym owners in the Growth program, comparing notes, swapping stories, and helping each other climb towards greater financial prosperity.

We provide what higher-level entrepreneurs typically lack.

We categorize them as The Four C’s:


During the Tinker phase, Two-Brain’s courses guide members through the opportunities successful entrepreneurs are in a unique position to pursue, like:

Plus, we help them take effective action on any other ventures they’re excited about.


In today’s media landscape, there’s a bottomless ocean of educational content telling entrepreneurs where to invest their resources. Our job is to filter the best courses, books, and videos into curated lists and actionable advice, giving Tinkers the individualized guidance they need to flourish on their own unique paths.


It doesn’t have to be “lonely at the top.” Tinker is a tight-knit group of motivated entrepreneurs who regularly convene both online and off. Every month, members speak 1:1 with their mentor, and then on a video call weekly to work through issues together. Tinkers have their own Facebook group and do meet-ups three times a year.


One-on-one mentorship is foundational to Tinker, just as it is in all Two-Brain programs. Two-Brain is a family. We’re here to support all our members, and deliver care through a delicate balance of empathy and accountability. We give Tinkers the individualized guidance they need, while maintaining the distance that’s required to provide an objective viewpoint on the challenges they face.

What the Program

Private Mentorship with Two-Brain’s best mentors--some of the most successful gym owners in the country.

Group Calls and Networking.

Exclusive presentations from world-class entrepreneurs.

Unmatched tools, including the Tinker Roadmap.

High-level curriculum focused on building generational wealth.

Unlimited support from the Two-Brain team.

Note: Two-Brain members become eligible for Tinker once their gym provides them more than $100,000 in personal annual income. This typically happens during the Growth phase, following RampUp.