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A graphic showing a central franchisor and a host of franchisees radiating from it.

Are You Relying on a Franchisor to Tell Your Gym’s Story?

Gym owners are wise to double down on corporate campaigns so they can build local audiences and tell their unique stories.
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A photo of Jason Khalipa with the title "The AMRAP Mentality."

Two-Brain Summit Preview: Jason Khalipa and the AMRAP Mentality

Jason Khalipa describes the mindset that helps him focus, crush work and show up for his team, his family and himself.
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A closeup picture of a person taking hundred-dollar bills out of a black wallet.

Closing Sales: Tips Every Gym Owner Needs

How do you deliver the price and get people to sign up for your services? Here's what to say to earn more clients.
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A gym owner holds a clipboard and speaks with a prospective client in a sales meeting.

How to Dig Deeper and Sell More Services

If you ask the right questions in a sales meeting, you'll deal with objections before they appear and have an easier time closing.
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A photo of sales expert Matt Temby and the title "close more sales at your gym."

Mastering the Close: Front-End Sales Strategies for Gym Owners

Matt Temby teaches you how to discover a potential client’s problem, present a great solution and close the sale.
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A close-up of two hands covered in thick, purple slime.

The Secret to Slime-Free Sales and Gym Growth

How to start relationships, give people momentum and encourage them to improve their lives through your coaching.
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