The Best Coaching Software: Our 2020 Review

The best coaching software: our 2020 review and recommendations to help personal trainers serve fitness and nutrition clients.

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Daily Brief - pink and black version

Daily Directive: Nov. 4

Calculate your show rate from October. Then calculate your close rate—and make a plan to improve it based on Chris Cooper’s tips.

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Show rate and close rate - by the numbers: a couple having coffee on a first date

By the Numbers: Show Rate and Close Rate

Chris Cooper shares the top tactics used by industry-leading gym owners with incredible set and show rates.

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Daily Brief - Version with Two-Brain head

Daily Directive: Nov. 3

Here’s how the top gyms in Two-Brain Business get so many leads and then get those leads to book appointments.

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A woman scrolling catalyst fitness webpage - by the numbers - lead and set rate

By the Numbers: Leads and Set Rate

Chris Cooper presents tips from gym owners who are generating more leads and booking more appointments than anyone else.

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On a green background, the Two-Brain logo and the words "daily brief."

Daily Directive: Nov. 2

Start tracking four key marketing metrics to improve your business this week: leads generated, set rate, show rate and close rate.

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