A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Saara Snellman.


Saara Snellman

Saara’s gym was profitable on Day 1, and she hit 300 members in just two years. She posted an all-time revenue record in January 2024 and has no marketing costs: Saara uses a waiting list to replace just 10 members who leave each month.

While many gym owners spend years struggling to correct early mistakes, Saara Snellman did not:

CrossFit Kreis 9 was profitable on Day 1.

The gym in Zurich, Switzerland, reached 300 members within two years of opening and is now capped at 340 clients.

Saara loses just 10 members per month and easily replaces them with returning clients or people from her waiting list. She has no paid marketing costs and is a regular on Two-Brain’s leaderboards for key performance indicators.

Born in Finland, Saara reached the Tinker level just 15 months after joining Two-Brain in June 2022.

With a track record of great success, Saara was a natural choice for Two-Brain’s mentor team.

“I have the time, the experience, great support from a world-class team and the passion to coach. To be honest, I don’t think there is anywhere else my knowledge, skills and experience can be of better use,” she said.

When Saara removed herself from operational tasks at CrossFit Kreis 9 and started working on the business, it took off, so she focuses on guiding other gym owners to do the same thing.

“I want to help gym owners build robust businesses—businesses that can withstand hard times and events without the owner needing to jump back into operations or lose sleep over finances,” she explained.

Saara is multitalented: She speaks English, Finnish and German fluently, and she earned a master’s degree in forest economics and marketing from the University of Helsinki. She has extensive experience in logistics, sales, marketing and market research, and branding.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also co-owns Gear 9, an online retail store.

A mother of three, she’s passionate about family time, especially when she can take her crew to her holiday home in Finland.

"I want to help gym owners build robust businesses—businesses that can withstand hard times and events.”

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