Brian Foley

Brian tripled revenue at his gym in just three years and now employs seven full-time staff members who serve 250 high-value clients.

With the help of a mentor, Brian Foley has accomplished great things at his gym in Kerry, Ireland:

  • He tripled revenue in just three years.
  • He’s earned and retained 250 high-value members.
  • He employs seven full-time staff members.
  • He has the largest over-55 training program in Ireland.
  • His business has been voted one of the top gyms in the region.


But that’s not all. He runs the sports-performance business AthleteID and a nutrition business with a sizeable presence in the corporate market, and he operates the Summit Games, one of the largest functional fitness competitions in Ireland.

As of December 2023, he was in the process of opening a second location, with a third also in the works.

Brian joined Two-Brain a year into gym ownership to supercharge an already-solid business.

“Things were going well, but I knew I needed guidance and accountability from experts in the field. I jumped on a call with Coop way back in 2017 and knew immediately Chris’s values and knowledge were the right fit for what we wanted to achieve,” he said.

As a mentor, Brian wants to help mission-focused gym owners enjoy more free time and earn financial independence by working on the business, not always in it.

He specializes in helping entrepreneurs improve leadership skills, achieve work-life balance, systemize a business, analyze key metrics and build an A+ team.

Brian is highly educated and has a host of credentials: He has a pair of bachelor’s degrees (business/French, strength and conditioning), and master’s degrees in biomechanics and strength and conditioning.

He lives in the southwest of Ireland with his wife and co-owner Roisin, and he’s got two sons and a dog.

“I want to help gym owners run profitable gyms that make an impact in their community, improving more lives through health and fitness whilst creating viable careers for anyone who works in their gym.”

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