A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Chris Guerrero.


Chris Guerrero

With 14 years of industry experience and a profitable gym in New York, Chris invested in real estate, cryptocurrency and the stock market. He reached millionaire status in June 2022.

Fitness entrepreneur Chris Guerrero already ran a profitable business when he contacted Two-Brain in early 2020—but he wanted to use mentorship to get to the next level.


With over a decade of experience in the industry, Chris had earned a number of nationwide awards, including best health club (2017), best personal trainer (2018) and best fitness class (2019). He also had experience owning and operating five fitness businesses, and he’d retained four employees for more than 10 years.


But Chris wanted to go further.


With the help of a mentor, he improved his CEO skills and expanded his interests to include real-estate, cryptocurrency and stock-market investing. In June 2022, he earned Two-Brain’s Certified Millionaire designation.


Chris is the perfect example of a gym owner who created a stable, profitable business that accomplishes its mission of service and allows its owner to increase influence in other areas.

“My passion for helping people started with a need to share my beliefs in the health and fitness realm,” Chris said. “While I still love that, my new passion is helping entrepreneurs build long-lasting, career-oriented employees, who, along with the owner, are able to make great money, have a huge impact, and live their perfect days.”


Chris’s goal with Two-Brain: help 1,000 business owners reach functional retirement.


As a mentor, Chris considers himself a generalist: His 14 years of experience as a gym owner have given him a broad perspective. He’s seen it all and understands how an entrepreneur must adapt to maintain a standard of excellence as the industry evolves. If you press Chris for an area of specialty, he’ll tell you his business excels in the area of client and staff retention.


Chris left the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with an LSA degree and a spot on the dean’s list. In his spare time, he loves to exercise, practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu and play basketball. Beyond that, he enjoys to traveling and cooking.

“My passion for helping people started with a need to share my beliefs in the health and fitness realm. While I still love that, my new passion is helping entrepreneurs.”

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