Taryn Dubreuil


Taryn Dubreuil

Taryn transformed her business in less than 24 months. The business is now debt-free and profitable, with two full-time employees and an ARM of $300-$400.

As a mentor, Taryn Dubreuil wants to help others “create successful businesses that will enable them to live the lives they aspire to have.”

For eight years, Taryn was “just getting by” at CrossFit Function in Yorkton, Saskatchewan. The gym was a hobby that allowed her to train as a competitive CrossFit athlete, but it wasn’t profitable and had $25,000 of debt when the COVID Crisis hit in 2020.

Taryn had followed Chris Cooper for almost a decade and decided to sign up for Two-Brain mentorship in April 2020. The results were swift and dramatic. In fact, Taryn said she got a 10x return on her Two-Brain investment in just eight months.

By professionalizing her hobby, Taryn brought Function out of the COVID lockdowns profitable and debt-free. She also added 89 members in less than three months. Now, Function’s average revenue per member per month is between $300 and $400, and the business employs two full-time staff members, leaving Taryn free to work on the business instead of in it. For her efforts, she earned a Young Entrepreneur and Community Choice Award from the local chamber of commerce.

Now, she’s devoting herself to building her business as a Tinker and certified Two-Brain mentor.

“I know that when you have the right person in your corner to help you find your way, it can make a life-changing difference,” she said. “I want to show people that no matter how messy of a situation you might be in, there is always a way out, and I can help you get there. I want to help people make money, I want to help them realize what they want their business to become, and I want to help them map it out and help them believe that they can achieve these things.”

Taryn’s areas of specialty include increasing ARM and number of clients, focusing and taking action, and creating plans for accomplishing big goals.

“Two-Brain gave me my freedom of time and money, and I would not have got that trying to figure it out on my own. So if I can be that person for someone, then that’s a win for me,” she said.

Taryn holds a kinesiology degree from the University of Regina, as well as an athletic therapy certificate. In her spare time, she referees basketball, cycles, and hangs out with her chocolate labs, Tucker and Finn.

“I know that when you have the right person in your corner to help you find your way, it can make a life-changing difference.”

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