Aleksandrina Angelova-Brandt


Aleksandrina Angelova-Brandt

A systems fanatic and nutrition-coaching expert, Aleksandrina speaks four languages and is passionate about helping others reach their potential.

“I want to help people come out of the hamster wheel and create the business they always envisioned, and to help them earn what they deserve.”


That’s Aleksandrina Angelova-Brandt’s mission as a mentor.


Based in in Heidelberg, Germany, Aleksandrina co-owns CrossFit Schmelztiegel and the online coaching company AngeLove Nutrition with her husband. The businesses have been around for almost a decade, and their precise systems and processes allow Aleksandrina the freedom to travel and live in another country for six to eight weeks every year.


After following Two-Brain on Instagram, Aleksandrina and her husband attended Coaches Congress in 2022: “We knew then and there that Two-Brain is the right fit for us.”


After working with a mentor, Aleks decided she want to become a mentor so she could help others grow and realize their potential. She’s passionate about empowering and educating other business owners, and she uses a direct but empathetic style to connect with entrepreneurs who are willing to work hard to create the businesses they deserve.


Aleks speaks four languages—Bulgarian, German, English and French—and has a bachelor’s degree in sports and exercise science. Her specialties as a mentor are developing a nutrition-coaching program, behavior change, systems and SOPs, branding, and using AI to improve a business.


The self-described “systems fanatic” and “cat mom” loves to try new sports including climbing and pole dancing. Beyond that, she loves to read, go for long walks and enjoy a great cup of coffee.


“I ask what is holding the person back and try to find out what the real problem is. Then I try to find mini-actions that work.”

the definition of insanity is

Trying the Same Thing Over and Over Again
And Expecting Different Results

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