A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Daniel Purington.


Daniel Purington

Daniel built a business that grosses more than $500,000 a year in just five years, and he did it in about 3,000 square feet without using paid ads.

Daniel Purington works at high speed in small spaces.

In just five years—including three marred by the pandemic—he built a $500,000-plus business with $300-plus average revenue per member in less than 3,000 square feet.

Daniel’s gym in Portland, Oregon, runs with the support of four full-time employees who have benefits packages that include a 401(k) and health insurance. His operations department runs independently, and he’s got top-notch internship and professional development programs for new hires and long-term coaches.

Woodslawn Fitness has a robust semi-private training program, as well as an in-house physical therapy clinic.

Daniel accomplished all this with an ad spend of $0—his success is the result of Affinity Marketing and organic tactics.

Before working with a mentor, Daniel consumed as much Two-Brain Business content as he could as he prepared to open his business.

“The methodology was extremely influential in shaping my business and trajectory for growth. I chose Two-Brain Business because the systematic approach resonated with my own philosophy,” Daniel said.

As his business became more profitable, Daniel looked for a way to help others, and he earned a spot on Two-Brain’s team of mentors. His specialty: analyzing a business and determining exactly what to focus on to get the greatest return.

“I have always been passionate about triage and working under pressure,” Daniel said. “I consider myself a builder and love the process of helping others build confidence and watch their vision come to life.”

After you’ve seen Daniel’s business stats, you won’t be surprised to find out he’s an expert in helping others maximize revenue per square foot—especially in a smaller space. He’s also adept at helping gym owners create personalized programs for clients and develop skilled staff members who can deliver them.

Something you might not expect: Daniel has a degree in neuroscience and 18 years of experience in acute-care trauma surgery, including organ and tissue transplantation. He’s good under pressure and not afraid of making difficult but necessary changes.

When the pressure is off, he gets outside with his family, enjoys a trail run in the mountains, does some fly fishing and cooks over an open fire.

“I consider myself a builder and love the process of helping others build confidence and watch their vision come to life.”

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