A portrait headshot of Two-Brain Business mentor Gary Walsh.


Gary Walsh

Gary Walsh took a bootstrapped business from a small storeroom to a 10,000-square-foot facility, and Waterford Warriors has been recognized as the city’s best gym multiple times.

After building his base in 2012 through the personal-training business Get Fit With Gary, Walsh opened Waterford Warriors in 2013 with a full membership roster on Day 1. By 2018, the business was turning heads in the community: Gary made the final for Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Award.

With that business rocking, Gary expanded to launch Studio One, a high-touch enterprise that specializes in personal training, nutrition coaching and physiotherapy.

Though his businesses were doing well, Gary said he lacked the focus needed to reach the next level. He was an avid consumer of Two-Brain’s podcasts and books, so he started working with a mentor to “check my blind spots.”

“I knew if I wanted to accelerate my progress, Two-Brain was going to the choice to move me forward faster,” Gary said.  

Now, as CEO of well-run businesses, Gary wants to help others as a mentor.

“My mission is to make a positive change and impact on the fitness industry in Ireland,” he said. “I want to help gyms on this side of the world be profitable—to be around for a long time to make change. I want to help gym owners live a life that keeps them in this space.”

Gary specializes in helping other entrepreneurs stay positive and focused. He’ll hold mentees accountable and give them the resources to tackle tough problems head on. He’s also a creative innovator and problem solver. In fact, he has a master’s degree in innovation and enterprise development from Trinity College Dublin. That’s in addition to a bachelor’s degree in recreation and leisure management.

When he isn’t working on his businesses or coaching other entrepreneurs, Gary can be found in the gym, on the golf course or at business conferences. He’s got two kids and greatly enjoys reading books and listening to podcasts that will help him generate new ideas.

“I have been fortunate enough to benefit from Two-Brain practices, and I want more gym owners to live a less stressful and more profitable life.” ~Gary Walsh

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