Author: Chris Cooper

A wooden sign in a dense boreal forest reads "Turn Left," with a path heading off into the distance.

Mapping the Path to Wealth

This week, I’ve been writing about wealth. My mission is to make one million entrepreneurs wealthy. I’m going to start with fitness entrepreneurs. Because they

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A fishing rod with a gleaming gold reel sits in a holder on a boat with a brilliant blue sky and sun above an ocean with small whitecaps.

Defining Real Wealth

A simple tale of a businessman and a fisherman reminds that wealth takes different shapes. Material ownership is a part of it, of course, but real wealth is freedom.

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To illustrate the article "What Is Wealth," a hand drops coins into another hand below.

What Is Wealth?

Our culture’s preoccupation with money creates confusion about wealth—perhaps because the people talking and thinking about money the most are the ones who don’t have it. Material ownership is part of wealth. But wealth is really freedom.

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