Daily Directive: Sept. 30

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Daily Update

The key to a great youth program is hiring a great leader or coach.

Maybe that’s you—but it sure wasn’t me.

I was a terrible youth coach in our gym. Even though I’ve volunteered to coach kids hockey for a decade and I’ve been coaching other kids sports since 1996, I was never a successful kids coach in my own gym. Maybe because I was exhausted by 4:30 p.m. each day. Or maybe because I didn’t have systems and progressions to keep the class moving forward. I felt like I was always herding a group of cats that had been tied to a school desk all day.

If I’d had programs like Brand X or a youth program mentor like Gretchen Bredemeier, I definitely would have done better.

Today, I’m going to tell you how to find and hire a great coach!

Daily Lesson

  1. Hire for personality first.
  2. Run a background check (no longer optional).
  3. Put them through a course like The Brand X Method.
  4. Pay them up to the salary cap (44 percent of the revenue from the course).

Start here: “Hiring a Kids Program Coach.”

Two-Brain gyms: Get a full job description and hiring guide on the Growth ToolKit: Revenue Diversity, Milestone 9.

Daily Directive

More than any other program, your youth program revolves around the personality of the coach running it, and its success depends on that coach.

Make a list of the five qualities you loved most in your coaches as a kid or the five qualities you love most in your kids coaches now. Then make finding those qualities your top priority when hiring.

If the kids don’t love the coach, you won’t keep them.


One more thing!

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