Episode 151: Two-Brain Business for Clinics

Episode 151: Two-Brain Business for Clinics

Episode 151 – Two Brain For Clinics

This week we have a special episode introducing a new service being offered by Two-Brain Business called TwoBrain For Clinics. Dr. Brian Strump, a practicing chiropractor joins us to discuss exactly what is Two Brain For Clinics and how this new service can be leveraged along with a CrossFit gym or simply on its own to help chiropractors push their practice to the next level.


Brian is the owner of Live Active Charlotte, home of both CrossFit Steele Creek and Premier Health and Rehab Solutions. Brian’s passion for health and fitness led him to Chiropractic School and later to become a certified CrossFit coach. Since diving into the world of CrossFit, Brian has combined these two services together and is doing better than ever. Join us as we discuss these two businesses and much more!


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1:42 – Introduction to Two-Brain for Clinics

3:18 – What are the differences and similarities between a gym and a clinic?

5:40 – The unique problems faced by practicing chiropractors

9:05 – What is Two-Brain For Clinics

13:21 – Marketing for chiropractor clinics

14:20 – How it can be helpful for a chiropractor clinic to partner with a local gym

19:05 – Ways that a chiropractor can level up their business

22:10 – How to contact Brian

Where Do Your Ads Perform Best?

Facebook Feed

Instagram Stories



Audience Network

The ads manager platform in Facebook is powerful and ROBUST. Sometimes, all of the capabilities that it has and the advertising options it provides can be overwhelming.

Where should you focus your advertising efforts and your budget? What is the best investment for you? We’ll help you find out in this weeks video.

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Filling The Media Gap

You need to hit “Publish” more.

When people in your community want to know, “How do I lose weight?” they should immediately think, “I know – I’ll ask Dave!”

I’ve been writing about your need to establish authority for years. We give TwoBrain clients tools to do it: 30-day content challenges, prewritten emails and templates, and even Fill-In-The-Blanks video.

Your business relies on media. If you own a CrossFit gym, and haven’t been publishing content you made yourself, then you’re relying on HQ to do it for you. So far, that’s been working…at least, a little bit. Counting on HQ to make your media is like counting on your clients to tell their friends about you. It’s a beautiful wish. But it’s too passive.

Time to start producing your own. And social media doesn’t count: Facebook and Instagram are distributors of content, not hosts.

Here’s a cue to get you going.

First, ask yourself: am I more comfortable talking in front of a camera; writing a blog post; or recording myself with a microphone?

It doesn’t matter which is best. Pick the one you’ll do.

Second, set a clock for ten minutes. You know how to do that.

Third, start with this sentence:

“My name is _____, and I opened my gym because…”

Then just tell your story.

End before the clock stops. But go ahead and use the full ten minutes if you want.

Then, publish your recording. Publish the FIRST take.

Video: upload to YouTube.

Upload to Facebook.

Upload to Instagram TV.

Blog: publish on your website.

Email to your list.

Audio: Publish to your podcast.


Do NOT try to make this first one perfect. Quantity is still more important than quality. It’s just important to build the habit. Tomorrow, tell another story.


Until today, CrossFit Media has been doing a lot of your job for you. They’re attracting attention to your brand; they’re giving you media to share and replicate and educate. They’re building trust and authority your town, whether you know it or not. What if that all went away? It’s time to take control of the horse pulling your cart.


16 Years, Still A Beginner

16 Years, Still A Beginner

by Josh Martin, TwoBrain Mentor


Back in 2002 or 2003, my brothers started attending a place in our hometown called Velocity Sports Performance. Maybe some of you have heard of this place. In talking with the coaches there, my parents told them that I happened to be going to the University of Florida to study exercise science. They said: “You should have him stop by next time he’s home to see what we’re all about…we think he’d like it.”


That was all it took.


After that, I spent every waking moment I could just hanging out there. Asking questions. Watching training sessions. Studying books and videos. Learning everything by basically following all the coaches around like a lost puppy. Anything that they needed to be done, I was the first to dive at the opportunity.


Sweep the floors? I’ll do it!


Reorganize equipment? I’m on it!


They taught me how to watch and analyze movement in the real world, not just a textbook. They taught me how to write up a single training session and how that single session tied into the overall plan for a specific athlete or even an entire team.


But through all that – the shadowing, the learning, the questions – I still hadn’t officially coached yet. But one day I was sitting in the coaches office talking with them and glanced at the clock – 3:50…about 10 minutes before the next class starts. This struck me odd as normally by this time all the coaches were out on the floor, mingling with the incoming athletes – checking in, seeing how they were doing, etc. I ran out of the office to make sure we had people coming in. Sure enough, we did. I came back in to let them know people were out there and I received a “Ok, we’ll be there in a second.”


Five minutes later…I was back in there: “Guys, are you coming out here?”


“Yea…we’ll be right there.”


Last chance, 3:58, I run back – “GUYS! Its almost time to start class!”


And then they leveled me with: “Oh Josh…we forgot to tell you…you’ll be coaching class today! Get them started on time. We’ll be out there to watch and help if you need it…but we know you’ll be fine. You are ready.”




Talk about pressure and being put under the microscope. I can remember being so nervous that I almost ran to the bathroom to throw up. But you know what? I did just fine. As they said, I was ready…I just didn’t know it. They had been grooming me for this moment for months, they just hadn’t told me. Afterwards, they all shared a big chuckle at my expense, but then lavished me with praise. We all retired back to the coaches office where they each reviewed the things I did well and areas that I needed to improve. They also told me that they wanted me to start coaching regularly if my schedule allowed.


Pay? Not one penny.


Experience? Priceless.


Fast forward three years (in which I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience at the collegiate level) and I begin working at IMG Academies right before I’m set to graduate.


At this point, I had been coaching pretty regularly for a 3 or 4 years. I had experience with professional athletes, D1 collegiate level, youth and amateurs, even “average joe” types that just wanted to get in shape and be healthy.


As the new kid on the block, I also had typical “new kid” duties to earn my stripes – you know, the stuff most people don’t like to do: clean-up, straightening, making things look consistent (and professional) for everyone that came through the doors. You could say that my OCD was honed here! But we did things like this because they truly mattered. Not just to the clients, but to all of the staff too. We took pride in our facility.


At both the mid-point and the end of my time at IMG, we were given reviews/evaluations.


“Josh does a good job of performing duties that are assigned to him, and is very intuitive about the field, but lacks self-motivation at times. Still needs work on being an effective coach in a large group setting.”


Whew, tough huh?


Nope. That’s not how I took it at all.


Wouldn’t trade that for the world either. It is what has kept me motivated not just for the success of my clients (and my gym), but also for creating opportunities for others to master the craft of coaching.


What did your last evaluation say?


What steps are you taking to improve?


Episode 150: The Wodify Affiliate Survey

Episode 150: The Wodify Affiliate Survey

Episode 150 – The Wodify Affiliate Trend Report

A few months ago, Wodify released the results of its “CrossFit Industry Report” survey. The numbers caused a stir.

There are plenty of these surveys out there. Most are subjective: they ask gym owners what they think, or to self-report numbers. But this one is different: it’s an objective look at data pulled directly from 4500 users’ dashboards. And some of that data is downright scary.

Wodify has build their new Business Metrics Dashboard using TwoBrain metrics: ARM, LEG, and LTV. They’re not an official TwoBrain partner, but TwoBrain gyms using Wodify do report a much easier time getting the metrics that matter every month.

So when the report showed an average LEG of 18 months, we were thrilled. Most of our data points to a lower number (around 13.4 months). While our data overlaps Wodify’s, neither encompasses the entire affiliate spectrum. That data doesn’t exist. The truth is probably a little higher than 13.4 months. While there are hundreds of very successful gyms in TwoBrain, gyms who start with us are often looking for help because they’re in trouble. That means clients aren’t sticking around long enough–a lower LEG score–and we work to fix that right away. So Wodify’s LEG report was interesting. But it’s ARM report was shocking.

According to the report, the Average Revenue per Member per Month is $84 at the gyms in the Wodify survey. That’s extremely low. Most TwoBrain gyms are nearer the $200 mark, with some over $250. A gym with $84 would have to recruit and keep THREE TIMES as many clients as a gym with an ARM of $250…and do it with the same number of coaches. Obviously, that’s a recipe for disaster.

So I indulged my curiosity and asked Olivia DiGiorgio about them. Olivia got her start by studying mathematics in college and began a career as a data scientist in the healthcare industry.  After falling in love with CrossFit, Olivia has since shifted to a more action-oriented application of mathematics and is using these skills at Wodify to help CrossFit gym owners better their business, customers, and athletes.  

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