By the Numbers: ARM

By the numbers - ARM (man stretching before a workout)

Our data shows that the top coaching gyms in the world consistently earn over $300 per month from their clients.

This is their ARM: their average revenue per member per month. We track this number for every Two-Brain gym on our Dashboard, and our partners (Wodify and Arbox) track it for their clients, too.

Every month, we review the top gyms worldwide in each category. Then we determine what they’re doing and teach every Two-Brain gym to improve its numbers.

What are the gyms with the highest ARM doing differently?

1. Starting with a long-form motivational interview or a long-form assessment.

2. Hiring their coaches for care, not credentials.

3. Starting with one-on-one on-ramp programs lasting eight sessions to six weeks.

4. Following a Prescriptive Model.

5. Delivering value worth over $300 per month.

6. Knowing their value.

6 Steps to Higher Average Revenue Per Member

How can you do what the top gyms in the world are doing?

1. Learn how to do motivational interviewing in our RampUp program.

2. Hire your coaches for personality and train for skill. Read the series here.

3. Charge what you’re worth: Read this post.

4. Follow a Prescriptive Model: Read this and this.

5. Deliver value worth over $300 per month. Read this series.

6. Know your real value. This is tough. You can start here, but the most important part is understanding both sides of your business: your audience and the service you deliver. When you have a very clear picture of both, value emerges. And after a few clients sign up and pay you a higher rate, you believe in your own value more.

4 Value Killers

Like me, a lot of Two-Brain gym owners had self-limiting beliefs about their value when they started. They didn’t charge higher rates, because:

1. They couldn’t afford that rate themselves.

2. They based their rates on what other gyms were charging instead of the service their audience wanted to buy.

3. They misunderstood their audience (“My demographic can’t afford that”).

4. They just needed some proof that others would value them.

In the RampUp program, we give gym owners guidance on how to set their rates, practice delivering motivational intake interviews (called a No Sweat Intro) and how to actually be worth more.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.