How to Increase Your Value

A coach reviewing a fitness prescription with a client in a gym

Your group fitness class is your discount option.

General, inclusive programming, done in a group format, is the option people choose when they can’t afford personal care.

The problem is that most gym owners only give clients one choice—”sign up for our group classes!”—and it’s the choice with the least value.

Here’s how you increase the value of your service to your clients.

Step 1: Have a conversation about goals. (We call this a No Sweat Intro), but you can call it whatever you like. Just sit and talk about clients’ destinations before you sell them maps.

Step 2: Draw a map from the destination to where the client is sitting now. You’re a coach. This is coaching. Include all the elements the client will need to get there, including exercise, nutrition, accountability and sleep.

Step 3: Walk the client through the plan.

Step 4: Ask if the client agrees with the map. Quote the price for this particular journey (or at least the first steps).

Step 5: Plan your next meeting to occur before the second step.

Step 6: Measure progress. Change the map if you need to. Change the price if the map changes. Schedule the third meeting.

Step 7: Repeat.

We call this the Prescriptive Model, but it’s really just good coaching.

Communicate With Clients!

The Prescriptive Model looks like this:

An infographic shows the Prescriptive Model that helps gym owners create value for clients.
The Prescriptive Model

How do you add value? Well, what do your clients need to be successful?

Remember: Value is determined by your clients, not by you.

Asking your clients “where do you struggle most in your pursuit of fitness?” is a good place to start. They’ll tell you where you can add value to their lives.

In general, we find that most clients need coaching in four areas: sleeping, eating, moving and mindset.

In the final post in the series, I’ll give you a template (and a sweet 28-day challenge!) so you can see the plan in action.

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