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Category: Member Retention

On a black background, the Two-Brain Business logo and the words "brain trust."

How to Delight Your Clients Online

Here’s how we’ve built the best Facebook group in the world, why we don’t let everyone in (even our own clients until they’re ready!) and how we keep the content valuable. Use these ideas to build your own great group.

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A wide-angle shot of a woman in athletic apparel jumping for joy atop a first-place podium.

How to Help Your Clients Win

Our businesses aren’t “based on service.” They are service. The best way to service your clients is to show them the path to success and help them celebrate when they get there.

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A black gift box with a pink bow sits on a black background.

Delighting Your Clients: Giftology

Giving gifts makes you feel great. And it can make your clients feel great, too. But giving gifts costs money, and the ROI is impossible to measure. This is how to give great gifts that get results.

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A yellow cartoon happy face with the Two-Brain Business logo in place of the eyes.

How to Delight Your Clients

You’ve probably been told that “getting your clients good results is the best marketing.” But when you put your groceries on the line, you can’t afford to wait and hope. You have to take action.

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How to Change Your Clients' Behavior

You can’t improve a person’s health until you change his or her behavior. This includes your clients, your coaches and even yourself. Here’s a step by step guide to changing behavior and accomplishing goals.

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A hand representing change stops a chain of wooden dominoes falling against a grey background.

How to Change Your Clients' Lives

When you want to keep clients in your gym for a decade or more, your focus moves from “funnels” and “sales scripts” to behavior modification. In this series, Chris Cooper tells you what we know about human behavior—and changing it.

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A bearded man in workout wear arrives to a studio gym and is greeted with a warm handshake from a coach in a black shirt and shorts.

How to Make a Living as a Personal Trainer

Whether you work in a big gym, a little gym or own your own private studio, here’s how to make a great living as a personal trainer in 2020. Chris Cooper will tell you how to get clients, scale up and deliver better service.

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With a magnifying glass, a man examines a single red pawn with a host of blue pawns on the left and green ones on the right.

State of the Fitness Industry: The Disappearing Middle

In “the middle” of the fitness industry, gym owners are charging more for group fitness classes and slowly being pushed out because they can’t move toward individualization. Chris Cooper looks at the spectrum in the industry and the threat to gyms in no person’s land.

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