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Category: Member Retention

Adherence and Retention Online

Seventy clients showed up for your Zoom classes today. Seems great, right? Until you remember that you used to train 110 people per day in your gym. Here’s the metric that really matters.

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How to Help Your Clients Most

Many gym owners and coaches are finding themselves in brand new relationships with their clients. For the first time, we have the opportunity—and the responsibility—to help our clients manage their entire lives.

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COVID-19: Why We're Sure

During the coronavirus crisis, a lot of gurus are making noise, and a lot of ideas are being thrown around. So why should you listen to Two-Brain? Here’s why.

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ALERT: What to Do About Coronavirus

The coronavirus outbreak is an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership and care. If you show people you’re a proactive leader they can trust in a crisis, they’ll trust you even more when it’s over.

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