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A number of white arrows labelled "Rx" point at a red circle labelled "goal."

Rep Week: Goal Reviews

Data shows the best gyms meet with each client and review progress quarterly. The prescriptive model is becoming our actual job. The delivery of nutrition and exercise programs is just how we implement our prescriptions.

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A high-angle view of people forming an arrow on the street.

What's More Important Than Culture?

Without a cause, your culture doesn’t produce anything. You just sit there holding hands, uninspired. Eventually, people will leave a great culture in pursuit of noble purpose. But if you have a noble purpose or just cause, people will follow you.

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In a line of white cutout stick figures, one with a brain logo leans sideways and peeks out.

Staff Culture and "Who Luck"

Some mediocre people at your table are probably sitting in the seats of great people. And until they’re gone, the amazing people won’t sit down because there are no vacant seats.

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A business diagram on white paper with blue gears labelled "strategy," "goals" and "hiring."

Culture by Design

Building and maintaining a culture is challenging. Here’s what Two-Brain mentor Brian Alexander learned from three years building his culture—and how he almost let a few people destroy it.

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Two feet in running shoes stand on asphalt covered with a series of confusing white arrows with red question marks on them.

Training Coaches: Building Careers

Some coaches might want more money, opportunity, consistency or equity. But no one wants the same thing forever. The best way to help your coaches build a career is to mentor them to success.

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A trainer in a blue hoodie sits in front of a desk in a gym office and studies fitness books.

Training Coaches: Continuing Education

The training process for coaches doesn’t end. Despite what your certificate says, your duty as a coach is to find methods that will help your clients reach their goals. Because every client has different goals, we’ll never run out of methods to explore.

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