Category: Hiring Staff

Why We Hire Outside Help

The fitness world is changing—but the expertise we need right now doesn’t exist in our industry. So Two-Brain is filling the gaps with outside experts who can help the fitness industry survive and thrive.

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A purple and pink graphic image of the coronavirus with the words "daily brief."

Coronavirus Response: March 23

The daily update. Today’s Tactic: Help your clients get on a daily schedule. Give them a sample template. This will help them make time to exercise, meditate, prepare food and sleep better.

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How to Ascend Your Staff

There are four main levels of work in your business. If you plan to promote from within, you have to train staff members to have skills at their new level. Here’s how to do it.

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Upgrading Your Team

The CEO job is one that you probably weren’t prepared to take when you opened a gym. You’ve had to learn an entirely new skill set. No matter what new roles your staff members fill, they’ll have to learn how to do them, too.

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