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Category: Hiring Staff

A business diagram on white paper with blue gears labelled "strategy," "goals" and "hiring."

Culture by Design

Building and maintaining a culture is challenging. Here’s what Two-Brain mentor Brian Alexander learned from three years building his culture—and how he almost let a few people destroy it.

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Two feet in running shoes stand on asphalt covered with a series of confusing white arrows with red question marks on them.

Training Coaches: Building Careers

Some coaches might want more money, opportunity, consistency or equity. But no one wants the same thing forever. The best way to help your coaches build a career is to mentor them to success.

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A trainer in a blue hoodie sits in front of a desk in a gym office and studies fitness books.

Training Coaches: Continuing Education

The training process for coaches doesn’t end. Despite what your certificate says, your duty as a coach is to find methods that will help your clients reach their goals. Because every client has different goals, we’ll never run out of methods to explore.

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A silhouette of a hand holding a lens against a blue sky, with the word "coaching" at the focal point of the lens.

Training Coaches: Scope of Practice

As a client moves from fitness to sickness, a trainer’s expertise is diminished. We are not doctors. We are not physical therapists. We are not dietitians. But we want to help. The best way? Partner with true experts.

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A man in a black "coach" shirt gives a thumbs up to a client jumping onto a box in front of a chalkboard in a CrossFit gym.

Training Coaches: How to Find New Coaches

Hiring starts with finding the right people. Because you can train a great person how to coach but you can’t teach anyone how to smile. Chris Cooper shares what he’s learned about finding great people and turning them into coaches.

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