Building Your PT Business: The Right Staff

Staff members chatting together - Building Your PT Business: The Right Staff

By Joleen Bingham, Certified Two-Brain Fitness Business Mentor

Finding and hiring the right staff to deliver personal training can be difficult for microgym owners. Staff members need to be experienced, they must have the right mindset, and they must deliver exceptional service. 

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But how do you identify the best personal trainer for your specific gym?

Ask yourself the questions below.

Key Staffing Questions for Gym Owners 

Do they align with your vision? 

The worst thing you can do is hire a trainer who doesn’t line up with the gym’s mission and vision. I have made the mistake of hiring someone who wasn’t on our page, and we lost clients and a significant amount of revenue fixing the problem. Make sure from the beginning that your potential hires know your vision but, more importantly, can tell you how they align with it. 

Are they professional? 

Do potential coaches show up on time? Dress in a presentable manner? Use appropriate language? These elements might be bare minimums, but you would be surprised at how often they are ignored in the fitness industry. Your trainers are a direct reflection of your business, and when something isn’t up to your standards, the trainers aren’t blamed—the business is. 

Do they have a “growth mindset”? 

Have prospective coaches continued to learn beyond their original certifications? If you’re hiring brand new trainers, you can ask how they plan to grow. Do they have ideas on how to help grow the business? 

Do they deliver exceptional service? 

This one is hard to measure completely in a simple interview. However, during our process we have each applicant deliver a personal training session to one of our best clients. We evaluate the prospective coach from the first introduction to the session wrap-up. 

Where do they see themselves fitting in with your business? 

Every person you hire should enhance your business’s toolbox in some way. What do they bring to table that no one else can? It could be something simple—perhaps they have availability no one else has. Or maybe they bring specific expertise—like postpartum fitness or gymnastics training—and can help you offer more to your clients.

Put in the Effort

Hiring the right trainers is a lot of work, but doing it will make all the difference. If you get the right people in place, your PT program will grow, and you’ll have great retention because satisfied clients will keep coming back for more.


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