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In case you’re new to TwoBrain (or just trying to eat our elephant), here are the top ten blog posts we published in the last twelve months. Each has been read over 1000 times, and they all started deeper conversations.


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1. Theseus’ Boat – Maintaining Your Culture and Replacing Yourself

2.  3 Reasons You Should Love Orange Theory (and Other HIIT Trends)

3. Killing The Canary: The Paralyzing Effect of the Vocal Minority

4. Why We’re a Mentorship Practice

5. Love + Letters – SUPER important

6. How Many “Likes” Do You Need? – an important, and very thorough, explanation on the value and purpose of Social Media

7. How To Kill Your King (The WRONG Way to Open A Gym)

8. Let’s Get Real (Or Let’s Not Play) – on the need for more data in CrossFit, and why we’re going to invest $2M to save The Movement

9. 5 Tips to Not Suck At “Sales” – actionable steps to sell more, following the “Help First” philosophy

10 . Why You’ll Never Need 300 Members – we’re coaches, not recruiters.

11. How To Say “No” To Discounts

12. Salaries Breed Laziness and Complacency–another thought-provoking piece by mentor Brian Alexander


You might love some of these (you might hate others) but the writing is always of a high quality, and each one was written to provoke deep consideration.


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