3 Reasons You Should Love Orange Theory and Other HIIT Trends

3 Reasons We Love Orange Theory and Other HIIT Trends
If you’ve been around the mentors at Two-Brain Business, you’ve heard us discuss the importance of moving from a mindset of scarcity to the Abundance Mentality. This thinking isn’t some woo-woo hippie view of the universe, but a practical understanding of the fitness market and the position that CrossFit occupies within it.
One way applying the Abundance Mentality is looking at the five-mile radius of opportunity around a gym and refraining from fighting over the same couple hundred fitness enthusiasts within that area. Instead, we should focus on the other 40,000 people in those five miles still sitting on the couch–now that’s an abundant market!
We should apply the same thinking to franchises like Orangetheory Fitness and other HIIT programs which we see growing in popularity across North America. These gyms and systems are fantastic for CrossFit, and here are three reasons why we love them:
1. They are introducing masses of people to high-intensity interval training. Their marketing machine is effective at getting more people off of the couch and through their doors because they have made HIIT trendy, sexy and non-threatening. The “jump” to CrossFit (which we know isn’t a jump at all, but bear with me here) looks a lot more manageable after an athlete has some experience with other methodology.
2. These gyms have introduced a higher price point to the market at about $30/class. CrossFit used to boast the most expensive price tag in the group fitness category, but now, millions of people have been conditioned to see the value in paying $150-$250/month to pursue their fitness goals.
3. There is a built-in limitation and proverbial ceiling to their fitness precisely because they are replicable: athletes often reach a plateau with their results or experience monotony and boredom. We often hear how well P90x and Insanity work the first time, but on the second or third time through the tapes, people are less inclined to push themselves as hard because they know what’s coming. The mental stimulation and novelty have worn off, leaving them looking for the next fitness movement to try.
There is no need to look at Orangetheory, HIIT Gym, Bodytek or even P90X as competition at all. Instead, they’re excellent starting points for all of those 40,000 couch-bound potential CrossFitters within our five-mile radius. You can only run on a treadmill so many times, row 500m so many times, and do so many burpees before you begin to ask yourself if this the rest of your fitness life. We are the next logical step. We are the “What’s next?”
CrossFit is and has always been very grass-roots. No high-budget marketing campaigns, fancy equipment, saunas or jacuzzis. What we do have are good people who provide a platform for their clients to achieve some amazing results through physical preparedness and functional fitness. People who are ready to find us will do so at the right time; and we will be ready as their final fitness destination.
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Brian Alexander
Two-Brain Business Mentor
Owner/CIO (Chief Inspirational Officer) -CrossFit Illumine & Illumine North

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