The 5 mile radius of opportunity

By Brian Alexander owner of CrossFit Illumine and TwoBrain Mentor
Let’s assume that there are 5 CrossFit gyms within a 5 mile radius.  Let’s generously assume that each of those CrossFit gyms have 100 members.  Simple math here.  500 “CrossFitters” within a 5 mile radius.
Sure that is decent opportunity, but affiliate owners generally fight over the same 500 CrossFitters by racing to the bottom with discounts and pricing and undercutting each other all in the name of competition. Tearing something good down in an attempt to pull from the same small group of active CrossFitters.
In this scenario actually, nobody wins.  The affiliate owners lose and the customer loses.  We see it happen far too often.  Gym A discounts rates and charges incredibly cheap rates.  Gym A thinks 300 members will solve all of his/her problems.  Gym A realizes he is on the hamster wheel of death and can’t keep people in the gym.  Gym A has a retention problem.  Gym A then repeats the cycle over and over again until he/she is fed-up, burned out and realized he or she just bought themselves a $30k/yr job working 60-80 hours a week.
You can fight over those existing CrossFitters in the race to the bottom.  Instead we focus on the real opportunity.  We focus on the people sitting on the couch. While everyone fights over the .001% (500 existing CrossFitters), We are working on building a resilient business around the 99.99% who aren’t doing CrossFit, also known as the 409,000 population within my 5 mile radius.
Any rational person would like their odds on any bet at 99.99% over .001% right?
Instead of racing to the bottom, you will find us racing to the top.   You will find us adding tremendous value in coaching, community, and our facility.
We attract people with our same mindset. Our culture is predicated on people who get it.
You will find us changing the entire game through innovation and thinking outside of the box.
We win by building and we will continue to win by doing so.


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