Wealth, Impact, Legacy: The Two-Brain Tinker Program

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The purpose of RampUp, our first stage of mentorship, is to build the systems that will allow you to earn $100,000 per year and run your gym for decades.

The purpose of Growth Phase is to go all in on staffing and marketing to reach $100,000 in earnings as fast as possible—and then go a little further.

So what happens when you’re earning a bit more than you need and spending a little less time running your gym?

That’s when it’s time to build the next level: your wealth, your impact and your legacy.

This is our Tinker Program.

The Tinker Program takes gym owners from earning around $100,000 a year to a net worth of $1 million or more (one Tinker is very close to the $10 million mark now).

We do this by focusing on one of three options:

1. Building your gym empire larger, with multiple locations or an enormous single location.

2. Starting a new business using the skills and resources acquired from running your gym.

3. Investing in passive assets that earn money while you sleep.

Of course, we also train you in leadership and mentor you to create a lifestyle that brings you joy and satisfaction.

This program includes four meetups per year in the U.S., 1:1 coaching, group calls, a huge toolkit of resources, and high-level special guests and speakers. You’ll be placed on a Tinker Board made up of your peers so you build deep, lifelong relationships with other gym owners at your level.

The purpose of Tinker Phase is more than wealth accumulation. I want you to have a path to a real career: That means a plan to retire someday, a way to create multigenerational wealth for your family, and a way to make sure your impact reaches your entire town.

The key to becoming a successful entrepreneur isn’t to read the most books. It’s to have the right resources at the right time. You must place your focus on the appropriate spot instead of worrying about all possible options, getting distracted and failing to grow.

The Two-Brain program delivers mentorship in a different way at each stage, but we know that 1:1 mentorship gets results fastest.

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One more thing!

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