By the Numbers: The Revenue Levers

A series of five numbered levers.

There are really only six ways to make your gym more successful. We call them the “six strategies.” The success of each one is measurable.

Of the six, three will grow your revenue:

  • Getting more members.
  • Earning more from each member.
  • Keeping each member longer.

Though most business coaches focus on “getting more members,” it’s actually far easier to earn more from your current members and keep your current members longer. We teach the why and how in our RampUp program.

As you employ these three strategies for revenue growth, you can use dozens of tactics. Here they are, in broad categories (we break down each of them, and many more, in our Growth program):

1. Get More Members

You only need 150 members (sometimes fewer) to make a great living as a gym owner.

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Tactics: Use content marketing and affinity marketing, run recruitment events, try selling by chat, use Facebook and Instagram advertising, use organic Facebook marketing, try podcasting and work on SEO.

We have full courses for each tactic in the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit; we tell clients the specific steps to take and provide the exact tools they should use. For example, we teach owners how to leverage Google Reviews in our SEO course, and we have a massive Blog Bank for gym owners to swipe from.

2. Earn More from Each Member

Your income is a reflection of the value you create for your members.

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Tactics: Add an on-ramp, add specialty programs, sell personal training, sell nutrition coaching, build a sales binder, create hybrid packages, adopt the Prescriptive Model, introduce goal reviews, learn the No Sweat Intro process, and maybe add a high-ticket option.

We have full courses for each of these in the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit.

3. Keep Members Longer

Every client you keep is one you don’t have to replace. Be intentional about retention!

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Tactics: Perform Seed Client interviews, map the client journey, do goal reviews, learn the Prescriptive Model, display client progress, practice Bright Spots, hire a client success manager, and recover lost clients.

We have full courses for each of these in the Two-Brain Growth ToolKit.

Take Action!

Your best bet to grow revenue: Pick one thing in each category and focus on that for the next month. The key is to focus and track your results.

We publish the free tools I linked to above because I want you to generate more revenue and then hire a mentor so we can help you grow even faster. But if you just make more revenue and keep it all to yourself, that’s OK with me. Hope this list helps!


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.