By the Numbers: Getting More Clients—Show Rate

New Clients Showing Up For NSI

If you want to get people into your program, you need to get them through the door first.

Especially with cold traffic from advertising, up to 50 percent of the people who book free intro consultations at your gym might not show up. Though it’s hard to believe, more and more people book appointments they don’t keep. That’s aggravating, but you can improve your numbers.

Below, I’m going to tell you how the top gyms in the world get people to show up for their appointments. Your “show rate” is the percentage of people who book and keep their appointments. Top gyms this month scored above 90 percent!

Below are the 10 gyms that had the most clients show up for appointments in February. The No. 1 gym had a show rate of 92 percent—34 of 37 people with appointments showed up.

A top 10 leaderboard showing the show rates of the top 10 Two-Brain gyms in February 2021.

Top Lessons From the Leaders

“Our show rate has improved with less dependency on automations. In the past quarter, I’ve been sending video messages personally, and these have gotten a higher response and show rate than automated emails did. I held back on personally reaching out and used the automations for fear of being rejected—but I’m over that now. I know and believe in what I’m offering to them.”

“We have a front desk person who doesn’t sit idle; they own the sales process, calling leads, following up.”

“Texts get read more than email. We increased the use of appt. reminders through text.”

“We ask them a lot of questions to keep the conversation going between when they set their appointment and when they actually show up.”

“We really hold their hand through every step of the process—from booking an appointment to showing up until their first training session.”

“When a client books an appointment with you, it’s not an automatic sale. They’re really just raising their hand and saying, ‘I want help.’ Consider them a warm lead. Take them by the hand, guide them step by step through your door, and then begin the process that will change their life.”

Podcast: “Why Everyone Shows up for Free Intros With Pep Leppers.”

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