By the Numbers: Getting More Clients—Close Rate

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Remember when you opened your gym and every person who came through the door was already sold on your service?

In fact, if those early adopters didn’t sign up, it was because you basically turned them away, right?

Yeah, those days are gone.

When you run ads on any platform, you attract strangers to your gym. That’s great—you wouldn’t have met these people without your ads. On the other hand, they don’t know much about you yet. So many won’t sign up—unless you’re good at selling them on your coaching.

Your close rate is the percentage of prospects who sign up for your service when they show up to appointments.

Below, you’ll see the numbers for the top gyms in the world. These are impressive stats: five gyms batted a thousand. Here’s another great piece of data: The No. 6 gym closed sales in 22 of 23 free consultations!

A top 10 leaderboard showing the close rates of the top 10 Two-Brain gyms in February 2021.

Top Lessons From the Leaders

Here’s how these gym owners do it:

“I’m in a foreign country. We have true beginners and we have language barriers. I don’t show them a sales binder. I just make the decision for them and tell them the price.”

“We had a 100 percent close rate in February because we ran a ‘bring a friend week’ with easy workouts. No discounts, just a high-affinity audience.”

“We just do the NSI (No Sweat Intro) exactly as (Two-Brain Business) teaches it. Some clients have told me they were shopping around and this was way different than the other places. … They were overwhelmed at the other places and say that I care and give thought to their path. I try to empathize with where they’re at in their journey, then follow through with a prescription.”

“I spent time teaching my staff to sell NSIs.”

“Our close rate has been getting better as we got more quality leads. I keep a spreadsheet of where the leads are coming from—mostly (from) affinity, and (they) come in pre-qualified by the members.”

“We do a deep dive into motivation. Clients who have done intros or trials at other gyms sign up right away. They all say, ‘None of the others asked me these questions.'”

“We are way more expensive than the other gyms five mins. away. Our fundamentals program sets (us) apart.”

“We hand over the clipboard for them to write down their own goals during (the) NSI. Then I take a photo of the goals and they keep the sheet to put it up on their fridge.”

Closing Secrets

The keys to getting people to sign up? Care and clarity.

Care enough to go deep: Ask what they really want and ask why.

Be clear: Tell them exactly what they need to achieve their specific goals. Remove complexity. You don’t have to explain CrossFit to them or show them your equipment. You don’t have to worry about their reaction to your pricing. Just tell them the solution and what it will cost.

It will take courage at first. But you’ll build confidence. And when you do—well, we’ll see you on the leaderboard!

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