Mentors and Consultants

A colored flow chart showing how mentorship and planning create a trickle-down effect in a business.

Consultants solve problems in a vacuum.
Mentors see the whole picture.
I’ve hired consultants before. Whenever I have a small problem that exists in a vacuum, I’ll call in a consultant to help me with a quick fix. Consultants are good at coming up with ideas; some consultants do team exercises. Those are fun.
But I call myself a mentor—and not a consultant—for a reason.

Saved by a Mentor

If you know my story, then you know that a mentor saved my business. A consultant wouldn’t have.
See, I thought I needed marketing help. But Denis, my first mentor, knew that I actually needed to build the systems that would build the team that would sell my service before I even thought about marketing. That’s what a mentor does.
A consultant would have said: “Spend your last $500 on newspaper ads.” And I’d have been out of business back in 2009 if I had.
I’ve had three mentors since: Dan Martell, Marcy Swenson, and now Todd Herman.
None of these people gave me silver bullets. But they all gave me clarity: Instead of piling new ideas on top of my overwhelm, they stripped everything away to find the one thing that would really move my business forward. And I’ve scaled 28 times since Two-Brain’s first year, largely due to the mentorship I receive.
Consultants should cost up to $5,000, and your relationship with them will typically last a day or two. But I pay over $80,000 per year for mentorship, and our conversations last for years.

The Best Path

We are a mentorship practice for one reason: we care enough to give gym owners the best. And mentorship is the best: All the seminars, videos and masterminds are helpful, but only when built into a bigger plan.
Our Incubator program is a 12-week sprint through the systems that will build and grow your business.
Our Growth program is a multi-year program to lead you to wealth.
Our Tinker program is for building your personal, long-term wealth platform.
All of them are built on 1:1 mentorship.
Some have courses, some have trips, some have prizes.
But everything we do revolves around real mentorship. Because everyone needs a coach.
Here’s how to choose a mentor for yourself.
Here’s how our mentors are trained and certified at Two-Brain Business.
Here’s the path our mentors take before they become a Mentor Candidate.
And here’s the path I’ve seen many gym owners take toward mentorship since 2007.
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One more thing!

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