We’re Certifying our mentors now. Here’s why.
It’s very easy to call yourself a business consultant. Anyone can do it. Just like the term “Personal Trainer”: there’s no legal differentiation within the field. In fitness, insurance companies are the only filters; unless you have a certification, you’re not insurable. In fitness, the line for “certification” is pretty low. But in business, we can keep the standard high. Why? Because we’re setting it.

Introducing the Two-Brain Business Mentor Certification.

Our mentors go through a rigorous selection process. Here’s the criteria they must meet before going before a selection panel.
When they’re accepted into our training program, they go through a very long and thorough training period.
Before they graduate, they demonstrate expertise in helping gym owners focus; take action; and track their success. Our mentors draw on their long experience as owners and stand on our foundation of proven systems and data. Certified Two-Brain mentors are the living embodiment of knowledge and empathy.
Building a Certification process meant that an outside underwriter had to agree that we were worth backing. They spent a few months going through everything on our site before they were willing to take the risk. Their conclusion: we can back our mentorship with evidence and data. We’re not just guessing here. We make gyms profitable, and we can prove it.
No one else has ever taken this step to separate wheat from chaff. It’s too hard and too expensive. But gym owners deserve clarity: a hard line between tips and professional guidance.
What does it take to become a Certifying agency?

  • A proven method of delivery (our Incubator is step-by-step)
  • Proven, data-based curriculum from a broad sample size (over 700 gyms now)
  • A quality control program (we have a full-time QC team to maintain our standard of excellence)
  • A rigorous training protocol for new mentors
  • An ongoing continuing education requirement for all mentors on the team
  • Continuous curriculum upgrades (we test everything, distill the best, and make upgrades often.)
  • A clear standard for progression (the mentorship we give is different for everyone, but we filter according to the FFTT model.)
  • A consistent message across a broad time frame (we’ve been publishing for a decade.)
  • A measurable definition of success.

We were doing those things without certification; but no one else is, and that’s why no one else will reach this level in our industry anytime soon.
More than anything else, I want to draw a clear line between professional Two-Brain mentors and the social media pundits out there. Entrepreneurship is cool now: there’s a lot of free advice available. But most sources are unqualified; most ideas are untested. No one is drawing a line between professional mentorship and “person who posts a lot”. Until now.
Thank you to our team around the world for setting and holding the new standard of professional business mentorship.


One more thing!

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