This isn’t a sales call in disguise. Here’s the deal:


We won’t sell you anything. The goal of the Free Help call is to provide you with, well… free help, so leave your credit card at home.

No pushy salespeople. You’re going to talk to an actual gym owner that currently runs a profitable gym.

Real actionable advice. You’ll leave the call with action steps that’ll help you move your business forward the very same day.

We respect you, so we’ll never sell your information or spam you. We hate that sort of stuff as much as you do.

Once you hit the “next” button you’ll be redirected to a page where you can book a time to speak with one of our mentors. Every Two-Brain Business mentor runs a profitable gym. We know that there are a million things going on in your life right now, so it means a lot to us that you’re considering us as a partner.


Bronson Dant, EC Health and Fitness

Dan Visentin, CrossFit 416

Matt Albrizio, Forever Fierce

Julie Johnston, Camp Rhino

Brian Bender, Ideal Collaborative and CT CrossFit


The positivity and inspiration in the Two-Brain Business group and the transformation my gym has made since I started with Chris is incredible. I have doubled my income since January which blows my mind. And for the positive changes I’ve made as a business owner rather than a hobbyist, I would pay double.

—Tammy Friedt

CrossFit TPA

I would have completely crashed and burned if it weren’t for Two-Brain. I am blown away at what value I have gotten in return for now what I feel is a small financial investment. Starting a box is incredibly hard and having the Incubator made it absolutely doable. Don’t do it alone, please! If you are having any doubt that it is worth it, just trust all of these 5 star reviews and join the Two-brain family today.

—Rosemary Cubbage


Two-Brain Business is a game changer. They taught me everything a gym owner/business owner needs to know to have a successful business. We were in the process of opening our gym and could not have done it without the help of Two-Brain.

—Kyle Baughman

Golden Goose CrossFit

My issues were no different than yours; not enough members, not enough money, not enough time. After two months of putting in consistent effort my gym is poised for growth. You do the work, you get the benefit. Why would you wait to start “next week”?

—Jordan Vance

CrossFit Carolina Beach

We signed up for the Incubator program about 8 weeks before we planned to have our Grand Opening, and I am so glad we did! Working through the program with Brian gave us direction, kept us focused, and has allowed us to start with a much better foundation than we would have otherwise.

—April Eubanks

Jubilee Fitness/CrossFit Jubilee

It’s been an absolute pleasure working through, developing new skills, and setting this gym up as a place we can all be proud of for a long time to come! Thank you.

—Todd Ford

Fortitude Fitness

If you own a gym, this is fundamental, required learning. I delayed going through it because I already had so much on my plate. But finding the time, and making it happen was absolutely worth it. There are many awesome things about the incubator, but having a CLEAR action-focused plan of attack was the most valuable to me. All you have to do is IMPLEMENT. Just do the steps, and things will come together.

—Nathan Holiday

Level Method Gym


Over the last 6 years, we’ve done over 2,000 Free Help calls with any owner that needs one.  

This is part of our mission to serve 1,000,000 entrepreneurs: a 60-minute phone call, on our dime, to talk about your biggest problem and suggest a solution.

Here are some of the things we’ve learned:


It’s never as bad as it seems when you’re in it


No one has unique problems (Germans, Guatemalans, and Greeks all struggle the same)


More entrepreneurs know they need “systems” than ever before


Our primary role is to help you build a step-by-step plan


Gym owners are now talking about profit (finally)


A “free call” to Guam costs us $47


Most have worked with other consultants and failed


96% of entrepreneurs in the fitness industry would “go to their gym and coach” the day after winning the lottery


1 in 8 owners cry when they get on the phone


1 in 10 owners are actually doing really well, but need help to get their gym operating autonomously


Everyone cares a HELL of a lot.

When an owner tells me about fighting with his wife, missing his kids, and trying to resuscitate his dying dream, I can put myself in his spot because I’ve been there.

I remember declining health, rapid heart rate, and never-ending stress. I remember when I couldn’t see a way out and lying to myself that I’d just eventually be successful if I just kept moving forward.

There are over 500 entrepreneurs in the TwoBrain family now, and we’ve spoken to every single one. Because they all started with the free call.

If you want help, we’re here for you. Just click the button whenever you’re ready.

Chris Cooper
Two-Brain Business