What I Learned at a Live Event: ROI on Ticket Price

What I learned from Live events - a Two-Brain Summit photo of Jocko Willink, Lisa Nichols, Chris Cooper and Todd Herman

I love going to summits, workshops and live events.

I love meeting the people seated nearby, and I love harvesting the energy of a passionate group.

More than anything, I love feeling like I’m not alone out there.

We host our Two-Brain Summit for one reason: to give gym owners the chance to be inspired by people they could never meet otherwise. For example, Jocko Willink events usually cost around $1,200 per person to attend; Lisa Nichols tickets generally run around $900 per day. You really can’t hire Seth Godin. But these are the people gym owners need right now.

In this series, I’m going to tell you about the top lessons I’ve learned by attending big summit events—in person or online. The point of these events isn’t really education but inspiration, motivation and action. No speaker can give you the step-by-step guidance a mentor can. But the right speakers will get you excited, energize you and get you rolling.

Do One Thing

Here’s the first lesson: One new action pays for the seminar.

Most people show up to events with a blank notebook and scribble down everything they can. Then they leave with a full notebook and too many bullet points that don’t make much sense. They don’t know where to start when they get home.

You don’t need to learn everything from every speaker. All you have to do is take one action after the event. That one action will usually pay for the event.

Here’s what to do at our Summit or any event:

  • Bring a notepad.
  • Keep the notepad closed and just listen. Instead of being a secretary, be a participant. Do the clapping and the arm-waving and the cheering.
  • As soon as you’re inspired to do one actionable thing, leave the room. Take your notepad. Write down the exact thing you know you need to do and exactly how you’ll do it.
  • Then you have a choice: Go back to your hotel room or your office and get to work or go back into the session without your notebook.

I know, I know—FOMO means you want to harvest all the ideas. And it’s hard to skip the next speaker. But trust me: It’s more important to act on one thing than to learn a lot but do nothing. You’re not being impolite when you follow this plan; you’re just getting better ROI.

If you want, listen to the rest of the speakers. Any resounding ideas will stick with you. But if you plan to do two things, you’re less likely to do either. And if you try to do everything, you’ll probably do nothing.

It’s really, really easy to get a positive ROI on a summit event. But most people don’t because they try to learn as much as possible and then fail to take any action.

If you’re worried this might be you, bring your team (they can attend on your ticket for free!) and assign action to them as the Two-Brain Summit goes on.

Get tickets for the 2022 Two-Brain Summit here.

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