The 100-Lead Challenge: Lead Nurture

3D illustration of buying funnel over black background, from leads to prospects to buyers.

The real secret to marketing in the digital age is lead nurture.

Getting attention is easy now. Getting a client to take a step toward purchase—nurturing them, in other words—is the hard part.

The winners of our December 100-Lead Challenge didn’t just earn a bunch of likes on Facebook or views on Instagram. They started 100 real conversations—some in a matter of hours.

Here are their top tips for nurturing relationships so people trust you enough to buy:

1. “Pretend they’re literally sitting right in front of you. Just talk to them like a human.”

2. “I followed the Two-Brain Business script until I was comfortable. Then I just started asking questions in my own voice.”

3. “I get myself in the right frame of mind: These people need me, and if I don’t ask them to talk about my gym, they’ll probably waste money on crap that will make them less healthy.”

4. “I didn’t feel comfortable asking people to get on a call at first. But then I started telling them how I could help and asking if they’d like to talk more. I even said ‘I promise you don’t have to buy anything’ and still got over 30 No Sweat Intros.”

5. “It’s OK if they’re not ready to sign up yet. The longer they stay in your group, the more they’ll like you!”

6. “My old lead-nurture sequence took months or weeks. This takes hours or days.”

7. “Respond to texts when you’re in the right headspace. Don’t do it mid-workout or when you’re hangry.”

The key? Remember this:

  1. You’re the expert.
  2. They are not experts.
  3. You can help them.
  4. Usually, people will want you to say “do exactly this.” In fact, the more specific you are, the more they value your service.

If someone chats with you, they will want to talk with you in person. And if they want to talk with you in person, they will want to sign up—just maybe not yet. That’s OK. Keep them in your group, keep helping them, and they’ll eventually move from paying attention to paying you money.

There’s no ceiling to free help!

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