The 100-Lead Challenge: Building an Audience

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On Dec. 1, I ran a challenge for Two-Brain gyms: get 100 leads as fast as possible.

And these weren’t just followers on Instagram. To win, a gym owner had to start a real live conversation with 100 new people.

Amazingly, the fastest gym owner started 100 conversations in just 18 days.

The 10th-fastest gym still got 100 new legit leads in December.

These owners started by building an audience through a new public Facebook Group. I told you how that worked in the first post in this series.

Here are the top tips on building an online audience from some of our top-ranked gyms:

1. “Actually post valuable stuff that really helps people.” Posts about cats, dogs, cars or “your favorite color?” won’t help you. If you want to see an example of posting valuable content often, join Gym Owners United on Facebook.

2. “You don’t have to post only your own stuff.” You can post articles from others to the group. If you’re not good at creating content, curate content instead.

3. “Don’t name the group after your gym—name it after your town. For example, ‘Fitness in Durham.'”

4. “Invite local people in other groups to your fitness group.” Post about your group in local buy/sell groups, auction groups and even neighborhood watch groups.

5. “Don’t try to create content. Swipe Two-Brain Business content from the Content Vault. It works.” Two-Brain clients have access to a massive vault of social-media posts, blog posts, lead magnets and more—all white labeled and ready to go.

6. “Talk to people like they’re people—don’t just broadcast your feelings. Ask questions!” One key to audience engagement is getting them to talk instead of just getting them to listen to you. I know … that’s not how the Kardashians do it. But you’re a human.

The purpose of your free content is to start 1:1 conversations. In the follow-up post, I’ll tell you how to have conversations that lead to clients.

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One more thing!

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