How to Beat Black Friday

How to beat black friday

by Kaleda Connell, Two-Brain Business Mentor

We never do sales. Ever.

The reason:  Because I don’t want someone to say, “Oh, I’ll just wait until their next sale and then I’ll buy it.” It’s the same reason that Lululemon no longer has a sale rack (they integrate their sale items within the regular prices) or why Apple never has sales. People wait, or go straight to those items, and if they don’t find anything they like—they leave.

You can compete in three areas in any business—value, price or convenience. We can’t compete on price, because that would mean we’re competing with “the globo gym.” That’s a price war we can’t win. Their business model is built on PIFs: people who “Pay In Full” and then never show up. That’s not us.

Most CrossFit gyms can’t compete on convenience, either, unless they have way too many class times or are open 24/7. But our members pay for coaching, not access. Selling blanket access puts you back in the arena of the globo gym.

So we must compete in the value arena—which means the people we attract see the value in the price we charge, they can afford it and they are not price shoppers.

You, CrossFit and your gym are valuable. You are worth full price, and I’m betting you’re worth more than your current “full price.” Don’t devalue yourself, your coaches or your service with a Black Friday sale. Don’t try to compete with selling discount televisions and furniture.

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From Chris Cooper, Founder of Two-Brain Business:

If you’re trying to get new clients over the holidays, we suggest a “Gratitude Day” in your gym. Thank your best clients by inviting their friends, family and coworkers to a fun little challenge on Black Friday. Teach them a tiny bit about nutrition; put them through an obstacle course; high five and hug.

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