Kaleda Connell has made it to Tinker Phase:

  • She makes more than enough money at her gym
  • She only does the work she wants
  • Her staff initiate programs and sell memberships
  • She owns her building
  • …and, as you’ll hear, she’s practically the mayor of her town. She even invites other entrepreneurs in to help THEM!

And she’s done it in UNDER THREE YEARS.

In a town of 2500 PEOPLE.

“Farmers, cows, my dog and me” is how she describes Seaforth, Ontario.

Kaleda got off to a roaring start: she had 80 people join her gym before she even opened. Without a single discount.


In this episode, Kaleda will lead host Greg Strauch through the process step by step:

What Kaleda was doing 3 months out to build curiosity

What she offered new members to sign up in advance

Why she bought a bunch of “cute little hard hats”

How Kaleda used the Founder’s Club strategy to be profitable from DAY ONE.


This interview is an incredible resource and step-by-step guide to opening a service business, not just a gym. Kaleda is finishing up her six-month Mentor Training with TwoBrain now…if you’re about to open a gym, you want to get on her schedule before December!


The TwoBrain Client Story is Joleen Bingham (and her husband, Leighton, in absentia.) Best quote: “If it wasn’t for TwoBrain, we wouldn’t have our third child.” What does she mean? Listen here to find out:

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