How Much Suffering Is Enough?

A miserable man sits on the floor with his head in his hands and his back against a wall in a stark room.
I get it: You can grind.
You made the decision to open your business. You took the risk. And now you’re going to do whatever it takes to succeed.
You’re willing to sacrifice your sleep, your family time and your health. You’re not going to ask for help because this is your problem.
But is it really?
Who else is paying your fare?
What are your kids giving up when you work late?
What does your spouse think about when you’re not there in the morning?
You’re not just hurting yourself here, friend.
It’s still hard for me to write, but I put my family through stress, loneliness and even poverty that could have been avoided. If I’d asked for help sooner, I could have cut months—years!off my entrepreneurial struggle. How many exactly? It doesn’t matter: every single day is a day too many.
What are you willing to trade while you figure it out yourself?
The price of caring, professional mentorship is $5,000. What’s that over a lifetime of Tuesday-night dates with your wife? What’s the cost of a missed bike ride or the price of a nap with your baby?
How many of those do you have to trade before you say, “It’s too much”?
I waited too long. Don’t.


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