What’s the future “model” for successful microgyms?

The original CrossFit gym did Personal Training, and then small-group training with 2-4 participants. Years later, we were told (by a third party) that massive groups of 12 and up was the best way to profitability. In 2012, I introduced The Stratified Model in my book, Two-Brain Business. I think the *next* model is The Prescriptive Model. This podcast is the first time I’ve spoken about the topic outside our mentoring program and TwoBrain Seminars.

My Rx is not your Rx.

Brian Alexander of CrossFit Illumine in Chicago is my guest. Brian owns one of the top CrossFit gyms in the country and is a mentor at twobrainbusiness.com. 

Despite having a booming gym, it was not too long ago that Brian was feeling disconnected from his members. He realized that to truly COACH people, he needed to know where they were headed. He decided to start a google doc and use it to track member’s goals. It failed. But he tried again, and this evolved into Brian re engaging with his members and helping them passionately pursue their goals. Today he uses lifetick.com to track goals and engage with his members.

Throughout the episode, Brian talks about the importance of settings goals and how this strategy has helped his business grow to new heights.  Personal engagement with gym members is extremely important and is many times the reasons good gyms are good and bad gyms are bad.

Being personable and writing each member their own prescription is an essential part to growing your gym and helping members reach their goals. The mindset is as important as the practice.

We talk about how to write this personalized prescription and how you can get started helping your members today.


1:25 The Stratified Model

3:22 Brian Alexander Introduction

4:04 Your Duty as a Coach

7:12 Good gyms vs Bad Gyms

8:36 The No Sweat Intro

11:04 “Mrs. Jones” – Sample Consultation

16:19 Identifying your Best Clients – (here’s the Mike Michalowicz interview)

20:24 Goal Setting with Clients

24:59 Meeting with Members – Brian uses the InBody (TwoBrain members get a discount)

27:09 Reaching Goals

30:15 Results of Good Goal Setting

32:31 How Important is Goal Setting?

36:02 The Best Opportunity to Help More

39:32 Fitness Coach vs Physician: Our Scope of Practice

The “Swim Coaches vs Lifeguards” talk is here.

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