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Since I started this podcast six months ago, I’ve received an increasing amount of questions via email. Originally, I thought I’d answer one or two every few weeks. But as the volume – and quality – of questions increased, I realized the necessity of dedicating one full episode to answering them. These were asked via email, Twitter (@TwoBrainCoach) or on our Facebook page.

After a weekend helping gym owners acquire other gyms in Boston, I recorded this episode on Victoria Day, a Canadian Holiday, while walking around my gym before a 9am “Barbara”.

Skip to the questions that help you most:

3:00 – “How Do I Get More Members?”

Affinity Marketing

The “New-You Challenge”

Help First

The TwoBrain Mentorship program is here.

14:45 – “Why Podcasting?”

I use BuzzSprout.

My “riding in the back of Louie Simmons’ baby-blue Cadillac” reference is from this article.

15:55 – “How Do I Break Into The Corporate Market?”

Download our free Corporate Intro Letter here.

Read, “Biggest ARMs in the West” for another example.

Read “A Banner Year” here.

The Jim Wendler episode is a must-listen.

20:40 – “What’s the Best Seminar Out There?”

Our TwoBrain seminars are here.

BoxPro’s Leadership Summit – information here

RampUp is here.

25:20 – “What’s The Best Strategy for Facebook Marketing?”

You can sign up for MailChimp here.

You can try SurveyMonkey here.

We teach “How To Build A Landing Page” in our RampUp program (link above.)

This is a good read on Facebook ad targeting based on purchase history. It’s a decent starting point, but if you haven’t set up your Facebook ad pixel on your website yet, do that first.

28:35 – “What Happened With 321Go?”

Personal and philosophical differences. A ton of my old articles are still there; anything posted after December 2015 didn’t come from me.

29:50 – “What Is The Best Booking and Billing Software?”

I mentioned as an example of a low-cost equivalent in another service industry.

MindBodyOnline is here.

ZenPlanner is here.

FrontDeskHQ is here.

PushPress is here. If you’re looking to work with great people, talk to these guys first.

Try them all.

32:50 – “How Do I Stop Cheating At My Gym?”

This was a topic in our UpCoach program on Two-Brain Coaching.

I’ve really mellowed on this subject. I’m sharing philosophy here, not necessarily a recommendation.

37:50 – “What’s the Best Purchase I Can Make To Attract Members?”

Mine was finding a mentor. Or maybe hiring a Joy Girl.

You should read this: The Currency of Coffee.

SEED Clients are part of Affinity Marketing.

43:02 – “How Do I Find A Buyer For My Gym?”

Read: Why Sell Your Gym?

Listen to: “How To Sell Your Gym”

The Business Valuation Calculator is here.

Recorded on May 23, 2016.