Daily Directive: Sept. 22

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Daily Update

You opened a fitness business to help others. I get it. Thank you.

Most fitness businesses fail, though, because the owners are so generous that they give away too much. They destabilize their own businesses.

Or maybe they incentivize their staff wrong. Instead of helping their staff build careers, they say, “I’ll just give them more money, and they’ll figure out how to market and sell and do all the stuff that I can barely figure out myself!”

Of course, this never works.

When I started looking for business help, I found only one program in the microgym space. They recommended pumping 30 people into a class, paying your staff 70 percent of the personal training revenue your gym brought in, and giving your staff a percentage of the business to “incentivize them” to market and sell.

Of course, the staff had no idea how to market or sell, and without clients they made very little. Then they left, started their own gyms—and you know the rest, right?

That “consultant” has disappeared because the program didn’t work. But many gym owners still cling to this model because it’s a sticky myth.

Daily Lesson

“Intrapreneurialism” means allowing your team to capitalize on the opportunities that your platform creates without taking the risks you’ve taken. It’s an amazing gift: They can invent their job, but you bring them an audience for their coaching (which is the hardest part).

Here are their top opportunities to make a living in your gym:

1. Personal training.

2. Nutrition coaching.

3. Specialty groups.

4. Coaching your general HIIT groups, like CrossFit or bootcamp. Because these are usually your lowest-priced option, groups create fewer opportunities. You can’t create valuable careers without selling high-value services.

5. Other business roles, like bookkeeping, admin and cleaning.

Get step-by-step instructions and our full “Intrapreneurialism 101” ebook here.

Daily Directive

As you start to prepare for 2021, you need to plan high-value services that support your staff. If you only sell group training, you’ll struggle to ever replace yourself or pay other staff because your margins will be too small.


One more thing!

Did you know gym owners can earn $100,000 a year with no more than 150 clients? We wrote a guide showing you exactly how.