Building Careers: Intrapreneurialism

Hands holding up weights, apple, water bottle, stopwatch - building intrapreneruialism

Your staff can build careers on the platform you’ve built for yourself.

Done right, this creates more value for your clients, great careers for your staff and a more profitable business for you.

Done poorly, this creates coaches with a sense of entitlement and produces a bankrupt gym in three years or less.

What makes a difference? Communication and planning.

Careers for Coaches: Your Priorities

Start by downloading the “Intrapreneurialism 101” guide here—totally free.

Then, create opportunities for intrapreneurialism.

First priority: Personal training. You own a coaching business. Some of your clients want to be coached in a group. Others don’t. If you’re not offering 1:1 coaching, you’re simply excluding the high-value clients who don’t want to exercise in a group.

Of the top 15 most profitable gyms in Two-Brain, the average makes 12-15 percent of its revenue from personal training. Start there.

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Second priority: nutrition coaching. Your clients need help with their nutrition. Of the top 15 most profitable gyms in Two-Brain, the average makes 5-8 percent of its revenue from nutrition coaching.

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Third priority: Fill in programming gaps or run “accelerator” groups. Based on your annual schedule, set up around eight specialty groups per year. Or, if you have a really amazing kids coach, create a recurring program for kids or teens.

Coaches can also specialize in mindfulness or online coaching, two new frontiers that can scale really fast.

The biggest opportunities for your staff are the biggest needs of your clients. Look there first.

The keys? Discovering your staff’s goals and making a plan to get achieve them. Download our “Intrapreneurialism 101” guide and follow the steps.


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